1. Thank you so much, my heart has been stirred to write a blog as well… I often out my fdevotions and writings on FB but I have been leaning towards blogging… But scary but I hear Gods calling in that area… I have looked into WordPress before but it was so overwhelming… Like you, I live to write and create with words but I’m not technical… I will give it another try… Love you sister!

    1. Oh Doris, answer His call and He’ll show you the way! Don’t worry about the design aspect, just type out your/His words and then hit publish! 🙂 Overtime you’ll start to learn more!

  2. wow!! how timely is this?? The Lord has laid it on my heart as well to start a blog ministry, and honestly i felt like how am i going to do this? i said nothing to anyone and my sister comes to me before church and asks if i ever thought of doing a blog-confirmation #1; so i kept praying like ‘Lord, is this really you?” and then i see this… your ministry has really been blessing me thus far and i am truly greatful that i happened “accidentally” following you, but the lord knew before I did. god contintue to bless you and minister to and through you!!

  3. Jolene, I am on blogger {both my blog and Woman to Woman Ministries}. I was thinking of moving to WordPress but it costs so much to have someone do it for you and I am TERRIFIED to DEATH of doing it myself. So for the time being I will stay with blogger. At least until God blesses the ministries with the money or tells me to go ahead. 🙂

    1. I hear you Jenifer. I migrated on my own to WordPress. WordPress has a plugin to migrate your posts from Blogger. It wasn’t hard at all but I did have some broken links and lost pictures. It was still worth my time and headache. My only cost was StudioPress @$90.00. I used the proceeds from my Christmas ebook to pay for that ministry cost. I hope that helps.

  4. Your new design is lovely! I too recently made the jump to Studio Press and I’m so happy with the support and theme choices. I never knew I’d actually enjoy learning CSS and how to edit via FTP!

    1. Oh goodness, Carrie, I don’t know anything about CSS or how to edit via FTP! In fact, I don’t even know what FTP is! 🙂 And I don’t really want to know either, unless of course I have to! (he he) I’ll have to come by your place to say hi. I’m sure your site is beautiful!

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