1. Hi Jolene, love your podcasts! I listen to them as soon as they come out. Loved your suggestion about couch time. My husband and I have coffee time. We are both morning people and generally wake up an hour before we really need to get going. This is our time to be together. We drink our coffee in his office, watch the news, talk about daily goals, weekly goals, kids, our farm. once in a while, there are mornings that I don’t feel like getting up, and he will come up and get me! It’s an important part of the day, even though we are in jammies and have not brushed teeth yet.

    1. LOVED hearing about how intentional and disciplined you are to connect with your husband, Becky! Intentionality is SO important for a marriage to thrive. Well done, girlfriend!

  2. This was a great podcast for me to listen to today because this is something I feel like my husband and I have been struggling with for a while. Before we got married, he seemed to have such vision and dreams for what he wanted to do for the Lord. After marriage, we got bogged down with debt and the “every day American dream” that I feel as though we’ve strayed far from what each of us want. The more income he made, the “better” we upped our lifestyle (rather than just being content where we were and paying off student loans ASAP). We both desire to be debt-free (maybe me more than him), but the fact that we just bought a house (that we really didn’t need) did not help our goals… now I feel more overwhelmed and drowning, further and further from the possibility of being debt-free and the availability to be readily used by God wherever He would have us go.

    I’ve talked to my husband about my fears and desires in this area so many times, and he says he agrees, but I don’t see him taking any necessary action to move us out of this mess and more in line with what we wanted for our future before we married. I don’t want to nag him or constantly bring this up… but without a plan, goals, and taking steps to reach those goals, we’ll never get anywhere! He is a very laid back person who just kind of goes with the flow… I feel as though I have a lot of influence in his life (as I simply had to say, let’s buy this house or let’s find a new job for you so we don’t have to live in this state anymore far from our church and my family)… he is so willing to just follow my suggestions, that I feel like I got us into our mess, maybe even BECAUSE I was leading instead of letting him… but that’s just the thing – I feel like if I wasn’t trying to lead, we wouldn’t go anywhere!

    How do I differentiate between being submissive and allowing him to bring up changes/ideas/goals/make decisions… versus just trying to get him to think about our future because I really believe if I just sit here and do nothing, neither will he…

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