1. Hi, i suddenly found myself crying over the loss of my dream house this morning, & i wondered if there was anyone who could share this pain with me, so i googled it, & found your blog. Thank you so much for sharing, it does ease our pain to know others go through it. My hope is that i can get back to where i once was, seeing as i was there before. My lesson was how quickly things can change, & never to sell property if you can help it. I now have to pay much more rent for a flat, than my mortgage on my beautiful big house.
    Your faith is inspiring, & i believe that anything is possible. I pray a miracle for you, & your family. 🙂
    From Cape Town, South Africa

  2. Hi Clare,
    Glad to hear that what I wrote ministered to your heart. God is in the midst of all of your heartache and pain. Keep seeking Him and that is where you will find contentment whether you own a big home or rent a small space.
    Stay strong my friend, our time here on earth is just temporary!

  3. Our stories are all too similar, us too and twice… exact same thing happened… ahhh… God will provide, God is good all the time.

  4. Wow! That must have been heart wrenching! I too faced foreclosure, but I made a very different choice that I still battle with in my heart. All is well (or so it appears now), but I chose to live separately from my husband in order to save my house. A year later, and we all live in my house (my husband, my daughter, and my step-daughter), but I worry about what I showed them. Did I show that that I trusted that God would save all by trusting and moving into the house with only a part-time job, or did I show them that a house is more important than my marriage? Only time will tell how they translate it. At the time, I was ready to give up my marriage and it wasn’t just for the house. I feel your pain, but God has a purpose.

  5. Our lives certainly do seem to run a parallel course! We have not lost our home but our finances have never been worse. We are walking by faith, praying and seeing God begin to move. It seems to all be coming at once – finances, persecution (for standing up for Truth) and some family troubles. Your faith walk is inspiring.

  6. Hi Marianne,
    My faith walk is a crawl! 🙂 As hard as it has been, it brings me closer and closer to my sweet Jesus. He’s with you as well, don’t doubt that for a minute! You’ll come out of this but just make sure you keep clinging to the Cross!

  7. Hi Jolene,
    Reading your Christmas ebook tonight made me realize the similarities we share in life. I also have 2 boys, and am getting ‘angry’ with the modern commercialism we see today, calling it Christmas. So much so, I was prepared to lie to my own mother in order to excuse myself from the family Christmas celebrations this year! Anyway, I came to the chapter on putting out a stocking for Jesus. Tonight I was gathering the material to make all our stockings, preparing for a big craft day tomorrow with my 2 sons. When I came to the sentence where you said your youngest gave Jesus his heart, I wept! My youngest had also said the same to me last night (he’s 6yo). My pride in this was that I had not even mentioned to them about a gift for the Baby Jesus. Thank-you so much for writing this book! We are doing Jesse Tree for the first time this year, the first Christmas with their Dad in several years. I know God is blessing us through all these activities, giving more meaning to the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!

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