1. I grew up in this type of household. My mom did all the “right” things and hasn’t been able to change my dad. My comment here is more for the wife who wrote in than to the Engles. Please know that there is probably something much deeper than the stress of daily life. There is likely a family history of anger for your husband or some childhood insecurities that are bubbling not far from the surface. The daily grind applies just enough pressure to make those issues burst through in moments of panic and stress. You can love your husband but also let him know that the damage of his anger goes beyond the moment it happens. Something to try when you feel tension rising is to suggest a spiritual time out where you each take a few minutes to separate from each other so you can seek God–pray about this issue and how to best represent Christ in it–and then come back together. And make it a pattern every time to, in effect, “teach” your husband and children that yelling is no longer accepted as a form of communication. They are seeing this and learning that yelling is how you talk to your family. Father God loves you and your family where ever you are in your spiritual life and his heart is for you to know you are loved and be able to radiate that love, especially to those in your immediate circle of influence.

  2. When your husband, is strong in his faith. And your stumbling around learning yours. How to become a Godly wife to an extremely God knowledgeable husband. I feel like I’ve been on a crash course about this evil world.trying my best to absorb and retrain my brain. I do Good for a few days and then lash out. I’m exhausted and have ready to walk away several times, but just can’t. I love my husband but my in ability to learn and put the word into action, is hurting my husband. I pray so hard for guidance. I want so badly to do the right things and make the right choices. I hurt him so bad, that hurts me. He is truly a gift from God. i know ours usually the women having issues but men really do fight for their women too. I am going to be a Godly woman. I just can’t seem to get there quickly enough.

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