1. I can certainly sympathize with your situation. I have never seen anyone filled with such vitriol towards me, as when I tried to share my experience of being saved, with my family. When they brought my husband and children into the argument, I took it very seriously. I think God was trying to send me the message that there had always been bullying and abuse in my family that I hadn’t quite recognized fully, and that I needed to protect and distance myself even more from them. Kind of good and bad at the same time – sad to lose my family – good to finally be able to protect myself and have more peace in my life.

    I enjoy reading your posts. They’ve been encouraging to me.

  2. I know it is really hard for you to open up like this…I don’t know if I ever could. Well, my parents are very loving and caring except may be some occasions when my father was drunk.

    But I can connect with you being lonely…instead of ‘mean Jolene’ mine was ‘fat Sunu’. (Now also I am fat…hehe ! ) Always looking bigger and taller than most of kids of my age..! But in my college days, I got some good friends who still keep in touch.

    I will be emailing you soon..! My facebook profile link is http://facebook.com/sunuphilip. Connect me there too..!

  3. Hi Tonya,
    I understand the ‘good and bad’ that you are referring to. I felt the same way. God has a perfect plan for us.
    Stay strong,

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