1. Happy new month ma”am. pls I need u to give a Godly advise on what am about to tell u. My wedding is coming up on December and before now I notice dat d man I want to get married to is having a very serious relationship with some woman of which I know too well day dis lady in question dose not know dat himself is planing to get married. She may knw by am not sure wht shud I do pls regarding his infidelity.?

    1. Mercy, I know I’m not Jolene, but I suggest that you break off the engagement. He has already cheated on you and is not likely to stop. It would be best for you to get out now BEFORE you get married. It’s easier to break an engagement than it is to get a divorce later. And a lot cheaper! Praying for you.

  2. This email came at the right time and I’m so excited about the conference coming up. I hope to attend it I think it would be very helpful, and something I need.

  3. Hello maa’m. Found out few days ago that my husband had an affair that led to sex when he traveled. I’ve been suspicious of it cos he chats a lot with ladies and requests nude pictures which they all send to him. I have complained on many occasions and he promises to stop but hasn’t until I found out this recent sex. I know I should forgive him but how can it all go back to how it was before all of this? The trust is gone and even when he’s apologized I doubt his sincerity. I believe it will still happen again and I won’t know how to feel if thunder strikes twice in the same place. Pls advise on what I should do. Many thanks

    1. I know I’m not Jolene, but I would advise not only separation but divorce. You say he chats a lot with ladies and requests nude pictures which they send him. If you doubt his sincerity when he’s apologized then he probably wasn’t sincere. It was probably just to clear his conscience. If you are able to health-wise and financially, I would again recommend divorce. He’s cheated once, and he isn’t likely to stop.

  4. I think one thing people forget is that they married a sinner. Josh and I talk frequently about how we cannot be each other’s saviors. We are both sinners and will fail each other. This is why it’s so vital to put Christ first and to remember that HE is our savior NOT our spouses. Love these words Jolene!


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