1. I really appreciate this post and all your posts around Christmas. I live far away from home and last year was my first Christmas as a married woman. I had all these ideas of what Christmas “should” be but it was rooted in earthly expectations. I got it very wrong.
    Your posts have helped challenge me to relook at how I (personally) approach Christmas. I want this Christmas and all the ones to come to be Christ focused. Thank you for helping me on this journey!

    1. How precious you are, Angela! What a blessing to hear you want a Christ-centered Christmas! If you pursue Him, you’ll definitely have Him at the center!

  2. I have been sitting here, just this morning, going over a Christmas budget again! We are so short on money, and I have tried and tried to tweak things. I wrote a big list of things I can not or will not participate in this year. I admit, feeling a little sorry for myself, and a little self- righteous at the same time.I am a pastor’s wife. Your post has helped me see I am not focusing the best I should, and want to on Christ. Nothing compares to my relationship with Jesus, nothing. Please pray that my focus will be more on Him.

    1. I understand your pain and disappointment, Carla. What a blessing to hear that God has ministered to your heart by what I shared here. Let Him grip your heart during this glorious season. I’ll keep you in my prayers, friend!

  3. I loved that. Thank you so much. It’s exactly what my heart needed and wanted to hear…

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I have recently found myself getting closer with God and have been working with my boys as well with their faith. This was so awesome because we are really making this month Jesus’ at my house also. This will be our first Christmas celebrating his birth and not just all Santa and presents. Thanks Again and God Bless!!

  5. Jolene,
    Thank you for this! I was hating Christmas this year. The pressure to go, be, buy, do, perfection, perfection, perfection! The constant music, the sales, the pressure, the stress! Where is Jesus in all of this? My husband and I (like many families) don’t have as much this year, and as hard as we’ve tried, our children, who are normally not greedy, seem to get a big case of the gimmies this time each year. It’s frustrating! I have been so grumpy about the way the season has turned and what can I do about it? Well I like what you said about going to the Source of joy in order to be filled with it. I want to pour out joy into the lives of others around me, I just didn’t know how when I wasn’t feeling joyful. I need to go to the Source! Thank you for the reminder and for the great post! Merry Christmas!

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