1. Sadly, this is part of my biggest struggle in my marriage, along with respect and submitting. I agree with the Bible and all of these things. It’s just that I’m an an independent, only child raised by a hurt single mother (shes operating in a classic Jezebel spirit, disrespecting my husband) and I didnt marry until 36 yrs old… This has been very very difficult for me to APPLY in my life. There are so many bad habits that I am finding very difficult to break. Thank God my husband that understands but it is still very very hard for him to not lose patience over this. Help!

    1. Hi Star, I feel you; I was also raised a single child and my parents had (what I felt like) the worst divorce avaliable. Thing is, we ride our own horse as we live our own lives, and habits are not easy to break but acquireing conscience about them is easier. If it helps, I tello you; in order to change my life I got therapy to heal myself, I registered everything I did and felt and how I reacted, and asked what was hidden behind them. That clears a path where you know what and why you are doing certain things, so you can stop doing them. Before having patience with any husband, we need patience with our healing process. What I mean is that although at first I did not want to get married, I realized what I did not want was the concept my family had about marriage. So I needed to heal, forgive and get a clear view of what a christian marriage is. I really hope it gets better. 🙂

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