1. Men wouldn’t need porn if their wives wanted anything to do with them. I do as much if not more around the house and am a great father. I don’t stink and shaved my face. Today is my 30th birthday and all that still wasn’t enough. I could go on, but I have to sleep so I can plow snow all day tomorrow.

      1. My Cituation is different. I found out that my wife was hiding things from me:
        1- A face book account that was supposed to be used with family members only turned out to be a communication tools to talk to her exhusband(husband that she left for me. She did not have any kids or home as it was a long distance relationship) when the agreement was no other people but family could be on her account.
        2- She was using facebook messanger (Not facebook) to get in touch with men I did not even know including cusins that were talking to her in a very inappropiate way( and she did nothing to stop that citiation).
        3- She went for juryduty and got secuestrated for two nights and when she came back a man was sending her private messages (and her excuse was: I felt pressured to give him my facebook contact info as everyone else was doing it but I was going to block him as soon as I get his message) right after we have had a house FIGHT over men in her facebook account.
        Now, it had being 4 weeks since she has being avoiding me to have sex and now we are in a divorce process due to all the crap she was hiding from me with all kinds of excuses. Sadly we have a 12, 6 years old and she is 30 weeks pregnat which due to all the crap we have being going through and all the lies I am suspecting the baby might not even be mine because it consides with the time she was on jury duty.
        Man, this cituacion truly sucks and the trust and respect is not longer there.

    1. Even when pregnant I gave in to my husband’s demand for sex every single day. I was sooo exhausted that at times I would accidentally fall asleep during the act and still he refused to understand. He would either get upset, sulk or pick a fight when I was tired.

      What really broke my heart was that he continued watching porn even though we were doing it almost every day, and showed no remorse for his actions even after knowing how much it hurt me. His defense “I’m just watching, not doing anything.”

      We had so much sex that I went to preterm labor. He even had the nerve to get upset when I kept telling him that I was in pain. I was torn and emotionally broken by then.. and to make matters worse, he didn’t help me with my recovery, nor with the house or baby and expected our sex life to be the same as it was before..whilst the porn watching continued.

      I personally have a high sex drive and enjoy having sex, but it’s the inconsiderate behaviour, together with emotional, mental and physical abuse that has made me hate having sex or get intimate with him altogether.

      He gropes me at the most inappropriate times, for example like when I’m frying something at the stove, feeding the baby, putting food in the fridge..he thinks it’s funny but it’s not. He pulls down my shorts when I’m washing the dishes, cutting up food, eating or holding the baby to put to sleep. I’m sick of it because I’m akin to a piece of meat or plaything for his fancy and have no rights to my body. When I tell him to stop and that it bothers me, he gets angry and says it is my ‘DUTY’ to surrender my body to him and that he has the rights to touch me as he pleases anytime, anywhere.

      I don’t think things will ever change because he refuses to go for marital counseling and I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate his behaviour and disrespect towards me and the violation to my own body. It’s not that ‘simple’ for me to leave either beacuse I’m a foreigner and he holds our child ‘hostage’ should I report him to authorities for abuse and violence.

      There’s always an underlying reason as to why a woman (me in this case) would not want to to get intimate and have sex.. Physical scars may heal but emotional scars lasts forever and women are emotional creatures by nature. Always win her heart.

      1. I am in the same situation and feel the same way, I don’t understand why they act this way! On top of the “rape” is verbal and mental abuse. Yet he sees nothing wrong and feels it is ALL my fault! Prayers fir us both! I know I made marriage vows but I didn’t sign up for this!!!!

    2. Well, you work, you parent, you clean up after yourself, and you have basic hygiene.

      So you’re a productive member of society, you don’t stink and you aren’t a disease risk, and you’re not a dead beat dad.

      This is good.
      Society owes you a sexual servant and your wife is the woman selected to take on that servitude.

      Your wife is completely absent from your life, the marriage, and any consideration in hour sex life. She doesn’t matter. Her health doesn’t matter. Her happiness doesn’t matter. Her work doesn’t count or make a difference or mean anything and isn’t a contribution to the home or family because it’s not a traditional female gender role, traditional female gender roles don’t count any more because men must get equal credit to women regardless do the divisionn of labor or it’s not fair, and sex is for men, so her need for consent, autonomy, erotic desire, and emotional intimacy during sex shouldn’t interfere with servicing you. She should settle for a life time of obligation pity sex.

      My husband could have written you post. He too does hard manual labor, but in triple digit heat because we live in farm country in California.

      What he won’t tell you is this:

      I don’t care how much money he makes or how hard he works if it’s not enough to support the family and it’s WWIII for me to get access to it, even for basic things like clothes that fit for growing preschoolers, dental care for the kids, or basic groceries.

      Sure he watches the kids…while telling them I don’t love them, they can’t ask for me, and I’m tired of them if I leave them in his care.

      He also only watches the kids at whim and refuses to commit to watching them on a certain date or time when he is off. This means I can’t plan anything, or work since I don’t have family who can watch the kids.

      While he helps with the house its with the constant reminder there is not woman in the house.

      This doesn’t even get into hours of name calling, days of silent treatment, the constant gossiping and back stabbing, we spend no time together (and at this point **I** refuse as well), the insults I always got 20 minute after sex, or his insistence on no foreplay to the point sex is not just boring but actually painful AND trying to weedle out of using a condom every.single.time. Even though I’m not on hormonal birth control and I get pregnant by him very easily.

      Substitute doing landing scaping in the heat for plowing snow, and my husband could have written your post word for word. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start having sex with him or that I’m wrong for withholding.

      Sometimes divorce or sepetation and individual counseling for both people, maybe leading up to marriage counseling once the control issues are gone is a better response from a wife than expecting her to have sex because a man works and brushes his teeth.

      It depends if the man and the woman agree she matters in the marriage or if she’s just there to service his sexual needs.

      PS I’m screamingly sexually frustrated as I write this, but that doesn’t make boring, painful, degrading sex with a callous contemptuous, controlling man something I’m willing to tolerate for the rest of my life because he’s entitled and I’m obligated.

    3. I believe some times a persons heart can become so hardened that even the Lord Jesus Christ can not reach them. I used to be a believer, not sure any more. I married someone who wasn’t a believer for the simple truth I couldn’t find a christian woman to court, date, marry, grow with etc. I married a non believer because she was nicer than any christian I ever met. anyways, I am recently legally separated from her, still living under same roof but I can’t take the arguing any more. I have the god given right to tell her that she has a sexy ass, or boobs. and her reply to that is she is a fat cunt. now thats romantic eh. she has gone from being multi orgasmic, squirter, and even climax in a parking lot while touching the outside of her knee with jeans on. how can this beautiful sexy woman go from being so in tune with herself and amazing chemistry to confessing she has never felt horny one day in her life and now sees no point for physical intimacy. she asked me once if I wanted counselling, I told her it was pointless because she was just gonna tell the counsellor how its gonna go. she replied, good point. I believe there is a lot of value in having a healthy sex life as a married couple. I watch porn because I don’t get sex. and I drink booze because I don’t get sex. I really don’t see this getting better but worse so I told her that divorce is the next step in this process. I am not Dr Phil and I can not fix her or make her desire me. my efforts of work, finances, romance, handyman, yard keeper, fixer of all things, mechanic, mean nothing. I look forward to the day I don’t have to deal with this again, yes, I’m giving up because its hopeless, I’m tired and beat down from constant rejection. the lord bless her and I hope she makes a choice to receive him in her heart, but till then I need to salvage the crumbs of my damaged sanity to get out of this god awful mess.

  2. What words of wisdom do you have for a woman who has been abused in every way and husband has had affairs, porn, drinking and the kids can’t stand him but yet I forgave him because I’ve stayed in it for 23 years. So much abuse I can’t even commit on all of it. But like I said after finding out about another affair that was going on for two years and thru all of the hell he would go to church and tell everyone he was a Christian and even take mistress to church I forgave him but now after a year has gone by I’m wishing I had left. I was raised in a Christian home father a pastor but yet I’ve put myself in a bad marriage. Everytime I tried to leave he would tell me he would kill me and no one would find me.

    1. Brenda,
      My heart grieves for what you have lived through. I can’t tell you what to do except to heed the voice of the Holy Spirit in your marriage. Make sure you’re listening to His voice and not the voice of the Enemy. As Believers, we have not been given a spirit of fear but of sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7. You are also permitted to divorce your husband since he has been unfaithful. Matthew 19:7-9.

  3. I am a christian and am having a hard time dealing with my wife’s lack of intimacy. I have been very patient and loving towards her to show her i love her and to be understanding. Her lack of intimate time makes me feel un loved and un desirable. It leaves me with feelings of rejection and un loved. Its feels like she only loves me when things are going her way. She stays up all night playing on the computer just to avoid me and im out of things to try. I love her deeply but the lack of intimacy is making me feel further and further away from her. Im full of resentments and our relationship is weakening. Im afraid to talk to her about what the bible says as im afraid it will only anger her. But if something doesnt happen soon im afraid we will loose that special love we have always had for each other that makes marriage a joy. How should i talk to her about this without being offensive and making things worse?

    1. Share your heart with her just like you did here. Make sure you communicate with her in a gentle and loving way with complete humility. Let her know why you’re addressing this concern. It’s because you’re captivated by her, desire her, love her and, through intimacy, you’re drawn closer to her. When a husband approaches a wife like this, rather than in a demanding way, generally this will soften any woman’s heart.

      1. Mine only gets mad and tells me that’s all I think about. She gets angry any way I have tried to bring it up gentle sad mad it just hurts being rejected so much after how much sex we use to have Anytime of the day multiple times now it’s maybe once a week if I get lucky. But the more she gets involved with her church the less she has intimate feelings for me. I’m native American so Christianity isn’t for me (yet I respect her and what she believes). I tried going to church with her to make things better that didn’t even work I tried not bringing up sex as much but that don’t work either. I think she is intentionally neglecting our sex life because she knows how much I really want her need her, but she just tells me I have developed a problem and need to see a Dr. This just breaks my heart it actually feels broken by the way I don’t ask her for anything really at all except maybe to put peroxide in my ear to clean it I help her with stuff everyday that she asks

  4. I’ve been married for twenty four years and it’s steadily declined. I’ve tried talking among other things, but my wife says she just doesn’t feel like having sex anymore. This is extremely frustrating because she wants me to be the ideal husband in every other way except that. I think it’s very unfair that she wants and expects to have her emotional needs met, but won’t meet mine. I’m tired frustrated and sick of talking, I won’t cheat so I don’t know what else to do. I’m still young and I don’t plan on becoming a monk.

    1. I’m not a doctor but if it’s just that she really doesn’t feel like being intimate it very well could be hormones. Women will lose the desire when they are experiencing these issues. If she is expressing that she truly loves you talk with her about seeing her OBGYN for a check up. I’ve learned that women can have this issue with their bodies and not even know or understand why. A lot of times doctors won’t ask the question of their patients and if they do the woman might just mention everything’s fine. Sometimes to embarrassed to say I don’t feel like being intimate with my husband. It’s just a possibility she might need her levels check out. Praying for your family God Bless and direct you to use wisdom.

  5. I’m 30 years old , married for 4 years have 2 children with here , I adopt here first son , I work 50 h a week , a cook , clean the house , do the Landry , take care of the dog , the baby , do the dishes , well I do everything around the house , and my wife give me sex like one’s month , she find another reason to be mad at me every day . I think my patience has some limit , and I’m close to it .
    it sucks cause I love here and I never imagine be a day without the kids . But she don’t love me the way a deserve it

  6. Im a 32 year old man and this is my 3rd year of marriage. I have an extremely active sex drive, but my wife doesn’t seem to ever want to be sexual in any way with me. If I’m lucky she acts like she’s doing me a favor once a month but I feel terrible the whole time because I know she doesn’t want to be doing it. Im a reallly good husband that loves her so much and I try to do as much as I can. I just cant express how bad it hurts that my partner and love of my life doesn’t want me anymore. Thre is starting to be a big lack of respect for me and our marriage too, but if I mention it she thinks Im being stupid or a typical husband.

    1. Wow,really enlightening stuff,Wes and Done….seems like there are plenty of ”good to excellent husbands out there….that are suffering within their marriages just trying to hold the family together,i.e kids and the dream of a ”whole family unit”.Here’s my take on this from my point of view.My wife(or soon to be ex-wife) is more or less the same….I hate the fact that I do all the things that are meant to make a wife happy but all I get is constant rejection….it’s been three years of me sleeping downstairs on the couch,This year I’m getting a bed of my own ….not only does she profess to love me,she says she wants us to be together….yet pulls away from anything remotely physical.First year of the last 3…She would say not to touch her inner thighs and tits,next year…no touching of her vagina,last year,she would wear the thickest jumpers and none sexy bottoms to put me off and would only have sex with me to shut me up,and would be trying to hurry me up to finish…the ”odeal”.I have tried talking softly and laying out my heart’s pains and the loneliness but,the more she knows i wont leave because of my 3 kids,she has leverage.Before you say anything about me sleeping downstairs….she broke my heart on several ocassions by pushing me away so coldly,and then(here’s the kicker)I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to find her ”pleasing herself,thinking I’m asleep.Some nights she went on for hours,must be the excitement of getting caught,or the fact that she fantasizes about someone else I’ll never know.You know why…?,because she’d rather die than admit that she masturbates…..So now I watch porn and masturbate,just so that i can be under the same roof as my kids…..I see no help insight as she seems happy with the status quo,but for me…..I know that another year will pass and by then we’ll be perfect strangers. She said to me once in a heated arguement about sex/lack of,that though she loves me,she ain’t in love with me and she would like us to start over anew,courting each other and me trying to woo her….I just cant do it anymore because all the things I do for the family,before and after work to help her out so we can spend time together have been fruitless,or the sex was to shut me up…so it feels like i’m working on the intimacy alone(plus all the ”dont touch here/there rules”)make sex lonesome/cold and detached…Idont want that.Only you can change your situation….you can’t change somone.the logic here being….run for your life,the world has infinite soulmates for you,not just the one.Or reside in pain and loneliness and wind up resenting her,or worse hating her and doing something you’ll regret.

  7. I just saw your advice to Andrew and can apply that to my situation. I just hope it works.

  8. I am a young wife at 21 and my husband is 25. Unfortunately we were not celibate before we were married but enjoyed an active sex life before he went into the army when I was 19. Afterwards, his libido diminished greatly and to this day, I would gladly make love to my husband once or twice every day while he is satisfied with twice a week. Have you any advice for wives who have a higher sex drive than their husbands? It seems that every bit of advice out there is for wives with lower sex drives.

    1. I’m 22 and in a very similar situation and would appreciate some guidance too. I don’t ever initiate sex anymore because I end up feeling like…I’m demanding way too much. In fact, when he isn’t in the mood, my 29 year old husband somehow ends up making me feel bad for even wanting him sexually. What hurts the most is that when he does…it becomes all about him. I really do go out of my way, not so I get anything in return, but just because it’s important to me that he finds me pleasing. I would be lying though if I said I don’t crave that sort of intimacy back. It never used to be this way, he used to enjoy it as much as I did and the fact that I enjoy it too was always very important, but that has changed tremendously and I can’t even begin to fathom why. I don’t think any of this is purposeful but it does feel like I’m just too much effort now. Talking about this hasn’t helped, however gentle and understanding I have tried to be. The thing is, now I’m constantly trying to hide the fact that I AM physically unsatisfied and that yes, I would like to be close to him this way more…and not in obsessive unhealthy amounts. I’m kind of starting to feel more and more bitter towards myself, and him, every day.

      1. Maggie, I’m so sorry for what you’re dealing with! You should continue to have a conversation with him to resolve this issue even if you’ve done it before. It’s understandable that you desire your husband and you shouldn’t feel bad for that! Here’s a post I wrote that might help to uncover why he’s not desiring sex.

  9. Thank you so much for your advise and simple way of making things for me it truly does feel like if were to be speaking to my sister in God
    I truly do appreciate you ministry and I will pray for you and it
    Am a new follower of you work and it has change my life for the best I want to become more Christ-like not only for me but for the world around me, so they see me as a better more Godly person and you have sure taken me there
    Thank you so much once again
    May God Bless you always and may your ministry grow to help others as it has help me!!!

  10. Omission from your article: HE has physical issues. ED is a very common and serious condition that many couples have to deal with. And the medications a. don’t always work and b. are not generally covered by insurance and are VERY expensive. Very very frustrating for a woman who has a good sex drive. Very frustrating.

    1. Julie, these reasons were why the wives don’t desire intimacy. I wrote a different post for why the husbands don’t desire it and your situation is in there! I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this. Try to seek some form of intimacy with your man in spite of his physical condition.

  11. Jolene,
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and being so vulnerable. I so appreciate your transparency and that I’m not the only one!! I know it’s difficult to put yourself out there, but God definitely used you! Just found you from a friend on Facebook and subscribed. Keep being faithful and obedient, you’re a blessing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, Julie! It is my hope and prayer that the Lord will strengthen all women come to this online ministry. 🙂

  12. I don’t have 20 reasons why I don’t have sex with my husband. The reason is we have been 45+ years and my husband only had sex, intimacy, cuddling and love once in all them 45 years. He hated sex, me and all married life, I was disgusting to suggest that we have sex. We did on our wedding night and to him it was the last straw. The straw snapped and he said we made a mistake for marrying and didn’t want to ever talk about it again. Also he told me to do what I wanted, leave, find a boy or girl friend he didn’t care. The next day he moved to our basement where he eats, sleeps and does what ever he does. Do know he hasn’t a TV, radio, computer, no phones, no magazines or newspapers, totally disconnected from the world and life. Looks terrible hasn’t had a haircut and a long scraggly beard.

  13. I am 43 and he is 46. We have been married for 4 years and have 2 small boys. We have only had sex when I wanted to get pregnant. I can count on one hand how many times we have had sex otherwise. I would do it every day plus I take care of the house and kids. I also work full time and contribute as much as he does financially. We have tried counseling and he just provides excuses for his selfish behavior. He doesn’t take care of himself or put us before his own needs. He can’t participate in hobbies he had when he was single so he watches TV every minute possible to avoid us. He is not even nice to us. I can take care of the 3 of us myself. I’m praying for reasons not to leave.

  14. I have been married 5 years this last July. I love my wife deeply. April 2 years ago we decided to try for our first and we suffered a miscarriage in the second month.

    My wife never has had a real big sex drive due to being plagued with UTI’s. However, after the miscarriage it is non existent. We have been intimate once in over two years and she cried herself to sleep afterwards. Being scared she would get pregnant again. I of course felt terrible and vowed to not pressure her or try for intimacy until she was ready. (This absolutely devastated me! I felt like I had raped my wife or made her do something. Just utterly distraught.)

    I know we need to talk to someone but she doesn’t want to. I’ve prayed and been patient. I’ve tried to be “super nice” like I was when we first started dating 8 years ago. I just don’t know….

    My real problem is the fact that I’m starting to be attracted to other women. Deep down I’m bitter towards my wife. When I step back I understand her pain and feel compassion but there is certainly a level of bitterness in my heart.

    It has happened twice over the last 8 months. I developed feelings (a crush if you will) towards one young lady who definitely didn’t care that I was married. Upon realizing the danger of the “feelings” I promptly removed myself from the situation.

    The 2nd started about 2 weeks ago when I started my new job. We are a male and female mirror images of each other. She’s a new hire as well so we are going to be in very close proximity for the next couple of months. I don’t have a self control problem so I feel confident that I will never act on any urges or act inappropriately. I do however wish to get rid of the thoughts . Not to come across as vain because I’m definitely not, but I am a pretty good looking guy. I’m also in sales so my open personality and ability to strike up a conversation on the spot with anyone makes this something that will happen from time to time if I can’t get some of these issues in check.

    I know communication is key and I’ve had very civil and candid conversations about it with my wife this week and over the past several months. I thought it might make her think a little about what she might be able to do and I wanted to be open and up front.

    It actually had the opposite effect and now she’s agitated if I have to stay at work 30 minutes later to finish a project. This tells me that she does still care and is maybe a little Jealous but it doesn’t help deal with the problem. Another problem is when she get’s “snippy” I disengage more and more.

    I’m all over the place I know but any insight, thoughts, or prayers would be greatly appreciated.


  15. My wife and I had sex with each other almost every day before we got married. Right after we got married it stopped. She’s always tired, or doesn’t feel like it, or any other reason she can think of. I love this women. I have never and will never seek sex outside our marriage. What has happened to me though is my desire for sex has dropped off dramatically. It’s to the point now that when she does want sex(about every 6 weeks) I can’t get excited for it. I’m so lost it’s not even funny. I’m loyal. I work hard. Treat her with respect and tenderness. Every trait that is listed for why it could be the guy is not there for a legitimate reason. It is just frustrating.

  16. Instead of praying and being passive about problems take charge! This is your life to live, to the woman who feels she is held hostage bcos of her kids and her legal status, please contact a women’s services centre or your doctor, you shouldn’t be treated like this and you will find sympathetic and helpful people to help you with advice and issues to do with your legal status, shame on you Jolene with your namby pamby crap to listen to some sky daddy rather then giving people reality based advice!

  17. All these suggestions are awesome and speak to my masculinity in an almost instant healing sort of way….I get the same ministering when it comes to reading the Bible but the issue of “will she ever cherish me enough to want to dig for my heart of gold”, was I really loved by her when we got married or just sum Prince Charming stand in to meet her every command…..I feel alone stuck and emasculated and no amount of aching, praying or even grand scheme to gently ask if I’m worth doing the things you advise or even what hundreds of books advise women to do inorder to reach their Mens hearts is gonna work. Men are simple not dumb and I feel like a dummy more often then not by my wife.

  18. I so much agreed with you but when a woman suddenly dictating to are husband when she want to have sex what did you think the husband should do. secondly when a woman did not allow her husband to touch her breasts talk less of touching her body and by so doing the man did not want to embarrassed him self by going out so he involved itself in mansurbation. what advice can you give the man.

  19. My husband is hard working but he only has one loud tone. My brother said I dint even think he realizes how he talks to you and your girls. He complains frequently and marks his calendar the date and how long we make love. I get get frustrated because I am a busy mom, teacher and admin. He never cuts me slack when it’s crunch time for me. Then when I make an effort to make love to him he turns me down and says he doesn’t want sympathy Sex. Urg?

  20. Obviously a male hater wrote this junk. Maybe the woman is cheating, lazy, nasty and hates guys like this author.

  21. Yes. It is the one thing wives avoid easily for a long time. It does ruin one fleshness of a married life and leads the marriage to be more like managing an office. Just routine works and no oneness. I do agree even men has their bad habits. But for today it is someother topic.

  22. We have been married for almost 29 yrs.i asked her before the marriage if she wanted to check my town and about my self living and said NO so got married knowing I had seizures she married me and during the the first years it was great and after love was blowing away,I have more sicknesses than anyone else I think,drinking now like 15 medications and rite now I can’t drive again so if I tell her about to do things knowing I can’t or dont know how she says any excuse and don’t want to do it,I get mad and more and more headaches and she doesn’t care at all,I’m sick and tired of living,asking god to take me away so we all can b happy but nothing yet,I have been asking him again and again and still here,I can’t take it anymore

  23. I have been patient, supportive, caring, understanding and a protector of any wrong doing or attack towards her by her own family but yet after 5 years of marriage only been intimate 7 times in this time.

  24. I am 31 married to a 35 year old an we have been married for 1 year been intimate maybe ten times i no longer feel or want to be intimate with him because he is so disrespectful and he drinks a lot comes home late he is just a nightmare and I really don’t think this marrieage will work. At this point we don’t even kiss good night or morning.

  25. To the writer, I have nothing but love and respect for you. As a man going through something similar, your note of empathy to all husband was touching enough to lift my some of my troubles with this. Thank you for addressing this area. God bless you

  26. Am down in completely in my marriage because as much as i try to keep my marriage alive, my husband still goes outside the marrige and have extra relationship that he could not hide and comes to my knowledge. definately, it has split us and no love at all. i am in deep pain and bitterness. please help me

  27. I’m done trying to please someone who never seems to appreciate it , whether sex, talking, going out, or doing anything together, but let that phone ring and here she goes just laughing and carrying on and having a good ole time but yet she cant speak to me , I’m 60 she is 57 , I am a man that life has been f=good to me as far as my looks and health , so now we are separated and she is living with her daughter for a week-end that has turned in to 4 months .. I took care of her very very well and she has the nerve to ask me for money to go get her nails and her hair done to go out west for a Bob Segar concert with who knows who ???? Anyway needless to say I told her I was not able to afford it and she ask me what do I do with my money and I told her pay the friggin bills you left me here with . It is impossible. I thank her for helping me make a decision to move on with my life and let her find someone else to pay for her nails and hair,,,,,KMYUFC….

  28. Just an observation.. with men, it’s always about what we MUST do.. it’s about duty, respect, accountability… with women, it’s always about understanding.. there’s rarely a call to honor, sacrifice and respect… how easy is it for you to selectively read Scriptures and skip over the roles a wife has.

    From the comments I read, even if a man is doing the best he can, he can rely on almost nothing from his wife in return, yet he MUST be understanding. He MUST be faithful, but she has no obligation to satisfy him… it’s no wonder fewer people are getting married… and those who are supposed to be Believers don’t help the issue by our example.

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