1. Thank you for sharing Jolene! I could stand to lose a little weight right now, but I made up my mind to still try to look my best even though I can’t look perfect. My husband likes skirts and long hair. It’s maybe easier for me though because I’ve always been more of a girly girl.

  2. You have been inside my head today, obviously. Or inside it for the last year at least.

    You and me, girl… we have this exact thing in common. I was married in 2000, and other than the date, this story is my words.

    Thank you for sharing. And as I sit here with my bowl of emotional eating granola at 11 pm next to me… I am happy I read this.

  3. Trying to look best for our man is best! My man loves long hair as well, but my hair takes FOREVER to grow and then it eventually just breaks! Beauty sure is fleeting!
    Thank you for sharing, Tonya!

  4. Cindy,
    Your emotional eating granola at 11pm comment cracked me up! I try to eat my sugar before 8:30pm (but it is never as healthy as granola)! Apparently eating earlier before bedtime is better for your metabolism. (lol) 🙂 Although, my body still has additional calories covering it so that whole ‘theory’ could be all wrong! I think I have been lied to.
    Glad to hear that my story gave you as much comfort as your granola!
    Blessings friend,

  5. So much I could say…
    Loved this one and the heart behind it.
    And that your marriage is rooted in what is solid.
    In Him.
    It’s true encouragement.
    And I appreciate your vulnerability in this…

  6. Wow! Thank you so much for bearing yourself in this post. I often wonder how many of us could actually fit into our wedding dress again. Marriage is so much more than how you look. Motherhood changes you forever, both inside and out. This is a true testament to you and your husband standing the test of time together. Thanks for sharing with us over at NOBH!

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