1. Oh how tough the Bible can be to swallow sometimes, but still how true it is. Today has been one of those days.

    1. You got that right, Jess! Boy, did I sure have a hard time chewing on the Truth as a new Believer! Thankfully I learned to surrender my will to the Lord early on in my walk!

      Be encouraged, tomorrow is another day and your Savior is always with you!

  2. I was just thinking about the day that I threw mine across the room, and came on here to blog about it when your post was at the top of my list of blogs I haven’t yet read today. Now, after reading yours I may just save mine for tomorrow, and think on it some more.

    The song Blessings by Laura Story has not left my mind in days, and while the situations that brought us to that point are different, I more than can understand what you are describing as I went through the same thing a few years back, and can say with certainty that it’s hard to find faith in a place where everything seems like a constant uphill battle, and options are running out, but sometimes as you have stated that is God’s will for us, because he is trying to show us something.

    Great post, I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Misty,
      That’s just plain funny, another woman who throws her Bible! (This is NOT something I recommend by the way!)

      I was thinking of Laura Story’s song as well today, especially since I heard it too! But my trial way back then was nothing compared to what I’ve gone through over the years, so I refrained from sharing it in this post. Her song always ministers to me as I reflect back on a time in my life I went through some serious valleys.

      Yep, God’s will for our lives will sometimes just plain hurt our flesh! But our soul will grow deeper into the heart of our Savior. And that, my friend, is priceless!

  3. Thanks for being so open. I have those feelings some days…then God puts me a position where I truly need him, no matter how mad I may be with Him (yes Him). Some days I want to say screw the Word because I am just that upset that my life isn’t parallel to the scriptures. And partly I am paying too much attention to the world (flesh) and I get irritated. I have to remind myself that He does not operate in flesh, so I have tune it out (it’s just a distraction) But my faith always brings me back. Glad to know there are others who go through the same things.

  4. Laura Story’s song is on my mind also. I am a fairly new Christian and there are days that I wonder why.

    Thank you so much for this post. I am lacking patience and discernment. I am three weeks away from my temp job being done, not hearing anything about them keeping me, my hubby is probably four weeks away from even starting to look for work, and cash is very tight. I am tired, discouraged, and losing faith. I want to fix it all myself. I really don’t want to work, I want to go back to being home and homeschooling my daughter by myself. Yes, I am in the middle of a horrible pity party.

    I really needed this today. No, I haven’t thrown my bible. LOL That did make me laugh. I could imagine throwing it.

    Have a blessed day.

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