1. Mankind just needs to realize that until we allow our hearts to be fixed by the one who created them, we will always hide murder (and every other kind of sin) in them.

    The gun is an inanimate object, just like knives, rocks, hammers, cars and airplanes. None of those objects can do ANYTHING without a human at their controls. I’ve never heard any talk of banning cars, yet drunk and angry drivers kill people with their vehicles all the time. And I certainly didn’t hear any talk about banning planes after the 9/11 attacks.

    Let’s get our hearts right with God. THAT is our only hope as a society.

    Great job, Jolene!

    1. with the hate that grows deep in our society, we need to protect our children and families with the knowledge of who is in control. God, not terrorism..
      Sadly we have no way of knowing when the next hate strike will hit, but perhaps we learn to be more aware of our surroundings, and protect ourselves under Gods armor just as was done in the bible.
      He never sent men into battle without a weapon, and perhaps we as Americans should be more diligent on how to use our resources to protect ourselves, loved ones, and others when these events begin to unravel.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words and the call to sound our trumpets for our Lord and Savior. God’s call to His children is very clear. His heart is pouring out to all of mankind because He wishes for no one to perish.

    WE, as God’s children do hold the answer to the issue with sin in the hearts of man. His name is Jesus Christ. And He said that it is He, when He is rightly lifted up, will draw all men unto Himself. Praise God for all of His mercy. Praise God, that His Word, His Holy Spirit, His Son Jesus is the standard that is lifted up when the enemy comes in like a flood. Praise God for prayer that is to be fervent and made without ceasing.

    Your message today has moved me. Praise God for you!

  3. Thank you for the article. I totally agree we need to start being more bold in our walk and talk about Jesus.
    Amen and Praise God. ?

  4. I don’t have much to say except a big hardy “AMEN!” We need to get into our prayer closets more than ever and intercede for the nation. God’s will be done, but God’s grace be poured out on those who are blind from the Only Way, the Only Truth, and the Only Life.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Jolene. I pray many may be saved by this simple message, and that our government leaders will see the light of Godly wisdom and counsel. Until Christ comes again, we still have hope.

  6. Thankyou Jolene for this lovely, sensible take on the gun control issue, I am sharing this article with everyone I know! Guns don’t kill people, people do, but Jesus saves! And that is the Good News, even in times of terror.
    A very thought provoking and moving post.

  7. I so agree with everything that you have said in this article. Thank you for standing for righteousness. Be blessed

  8. It is amazing how society can so easily blame guns and call for stricter gun control. Like you said, if they want to kill someone they are going to use whatever means possible.

    America needs Christ! I wish the culture could focus more on that truth than on the distraction of guns. It’s as if they don’t want to see the truth and preoccupy themselves with other reasoning. It’s a sad. The world grows darker by the day.

    Come quickly Lord Jesus!!

    Great article, Jolene!

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