1. Love the BUT God story about you & your husband! I just prayed that God would bind the enemy from you. Of course the enemy will come when you are doing for the LORD!! Otherwise he would leave you alone. Just in the past couple of months God has revealed to me some things about my marriage that I need to work on. The more I do in obedience the harder satan fights. Some days the battle is more than I think I can stand. I just keep saying, if God led me to this, HE will lead me through it!! And the days I fail to remind myself of that, God will put someone in my path, through a sermon, or a blog post, and even friends, that will say that very thing to me. I know that its confirmation of God’s will. I can’t wait to see more posts on marriage!

  2. The GOD story is the best one to have! We ALL have one but sometimes we get caught up (distracted, disappointed and disillusioned) with what we think our story should be… thanks to the enemy and Hollywood! Thanks for your prayer Piper. It means a lot to mean. I have yet to live an easy Christian life. God saved my soul and I know I was (along with all of His children) put here on earth to bring Him glory and to be used by Him. Satan would rather I just surrender and stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head! More days than not I would prefer to do just that but I am reminded of the spiritual battle that we are in. So I get up and do my best to live in the Lord’s strength. Dying to self is one of the saint’s hardest things to overcome, yet, that is the sanctification process….when we become more like our precious Savior.

    I am excited as well to write on marriage. It’s one of my most passionate topics to write on, but I just needed to wait on the Lord’s timing!
    Blessings sweet friend!

  3. I loved reading your love story. 6 months and you were married and are still in love. Obviously a God thing. I will be praying for you over the next couple weeks.

  4. So Sweet Jolene.. Loved your story sister..and I am praying for you and your family.

    And how are you? How are your Christmas preparations going on? Here we don’t have your kind of preparations.. just bare minimum celebrations.

    Hope to see more posts on this topic.

    Bye.. take care

  5. Hi Sunu!
    Our preparations are very minimal this year being that our home is very small and we don’t have the funds this year for extras. I spend my time doing Advent activities with the boys and that is what is most important! Glad to hear that you enjoyed my post. Thanks for your prayers…they are appreciated!
    Stay strong in the faith sister! Hope you’re doing well.

  6. I have just found your site and I thank God that I have. What I have read this morning is just what I have needed. You are not only reaching young women, you have reached an older woman. I am 64 years old and have have been married for 44 years, yet I need exactly what I have read. Thank you for doing exactly what God has led you to do.

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