1. I think marriage and divorce in terms of the bible or “walking through the word”, should have allot more biblical approach. Simply “the old is gone and the new has come approach”, without reference to other scriptures is a bit dangerous. The bible says that if you are married to a non christian and then become a believer, to stay with them as long as they consent to live with you. If they commit immorality, I think that the scripture says that is grounds for divorce. But otherwise I think God takes marriage seriously, even to a non christian. It doesn’t just say the old is gone and the new has come.

    Think about in a church, you could easily get a women who has kind of had enough of her non christian husband. She could rationalize that she married him when she wasnt a christian. Applying, the old has gone and the new has come, some nice new christian guy at church might seem like a better option. But that is not scriptural. Scripture says to honour and respect her existing non christian husband, and not to go looking over the fence (unless through all her geniune attempts to do the right thing by her marriage to the non christian, he wants to leave her anyway). There are real heart issues to be addressed here, I think old has gone, new has come, is just too much of an over simplification. Its not the biblical grounds for divorce.

    1. You are so correct, Delia! There is so much more in the Bible regarding divorce and remarriage. In this podcast episode, we just tackled this particular reader’s situation. Thanks for sharing!

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