1. Us hat can you say to a family member that fertility methods are not working for .. Nothing I can say or offer as encouragement seems to make a difference. I love the couple very much just don’t know how to talk about this with the wife.. Speechless in Louisiana

  2. I think we are given a choice by God to do certain things ( to consider alternatives that better our lives) as long as they are not harmful to our bodies and to other human beings. To me the same argument can apply to using medicine when you are sick, using contraceptives and so forth.

  3. How can a christian wife , help her husband who drinks and smokes and wants to come to Jesus, take that step? How can I help him but not push him, he says he wants it for himself , he wants to have a relationship with God, like I do, but I pray about it, but I dont see him making any progress towards that…what do I do?

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Ask if he wants to go to church with you. That’s where I’d start if I were in your shoes. This way he can get make a decision if he wants to follow Jesus or not.

      1. i asked and he said yes, id like that, and then he partied the saturday night late and couldnt get up Sunday for church…

  4. How can I bring my husband to God- to help him to grow in his relationship with God- to make the step of giving his all to God and letting the world behind him

  5. I’ve heard from several women with PCOS that a ketogenic diet helped them be able to conceive naturally. I would suggest trying it before attempting any other options.

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