1. I am here – I am here!!!!!

    LOL!! I feel like the little village in Horton! I am amazed and inspired by your writings and even more so by your faith!!!!

    ~Mrs. J~

  2. I love listening to your heart. And I agree that cyber ministry, can seem as though you are sharing with yourself. And in a way, we are because what we share is for us also from God. I have so many people that I share with on FaceBook. I know I have hundreds of Christian friends, but I have about fifty non believers who are watching my life in secret, and a few that have told me they read what I share. Sometimes I wrestle with God about why I should share something or not, whether anyone will comment or not, and if it will offend my Christian friends when I share scary, Christian, heavy metal, tattoo testimonies. But knowing certain people who have never herd about the gospel before, I am honored to share what God is doing in my life, and has done. There is a young 21 year old girl who has brain cancer whom reads my stuff, a young cousin who almost committed suicide, and a few lonely we on who have no one to talk to, single moms, backslider(or I like to say lost lambs), and people simply searching. So sometimes I feel like…why even have this distraction in my life. None of my friends care what I put, but the lord told me that they are already saved, it’s a work u are walking into for the sake of the lost, dying, people on the wide path. But Jesus was not distracted when he was approached or had a calling to witness to a woman at a well, going the long way. I just recently moved to wordpress also, and I have to say I have avoided sharing on my new blog because it’s so un user friendly. But in due time… I will get to it. As a whole. Jesus will say, enter in, and we will be surprised that we did anything for God. We will say when did we do that, and he will say if you did it to the least you did it to ME! When we reach out, it’s to JESUS.

  3. I have to tell you that I’ve only read the beginning of this post and I am hooked! I have to leave a comment and run back to my room to my quiet time area and continue working on my Bible Study lesson (reason why I can’t finish reading this wonderful post!) I will be back reason why I decided to follow you and make sure I didn’t forget you or your blog 🙂 I can feel your heart because it is the heart my Lord has given me for my blog. I write about practical things but it’s not just to save money but for women to be a blessing to their families as they work in their homes and be Keepers of them.
    I have to run now, but I will be back…promise!

  4. Hi Neta,
    Thanks for your comment. What a blessing to hear that you are reaching the unsaved! Keep it up sister!

  5. Hi Christina,
    I am so glad that you like my blog and that you wanted to be a part of this community! Another blogging sister for Christ! How neat.

  6. I’m with Christina above. This is my first time visiting your blog (although I think I may have seen your Blogger one too) thanks to the link you left on Growing Home, and I was hooked through this post alone. I love your honesty and heart and will be back to hear from you again!

  7. Thanks Jacinda….I was just linking your button to this post! he he I was hiding behind the scenes and then I came out and saw you friend! BTW, I just found your blog through Courtney’s blog bash and I thought your design was fabulous!!! I will pop back over again soon to take a peek at your material.

  8. I know the design isn’t the important part but when I came to read your latest post I LOVED it!! The Lord really worked through you to give a very cohesive design that is very pretty and inviting! I loved this post as it was very encouraging to my soul. I have many areas that need to be “poured out” for Christ. I will be praying for His strength and guidance as I live my life to please Him more. Keep ministering Sister as we ARE listening and are VERY encouraged in all that you write!

  9. Awe thanks friend! Glad you like the look AND the post! (smile) It certainly is a DAILY dying to self to live that poured out life, but worth it.
    love you,

  10. Your writing speak to me and always I leave your blog with tears and running nose..! God is using you to help me grow more in Christ. Keep it coming as God urges you.

    And again if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me. I do know something about WordPress and how to move a blog from blogger to wordpress. I have done it for my brother’s blog.(http://www.strategicbriefings.blogspot.com).

    Bye.. take care..


  11. Sunu,
    What a sweetheart you are! My words are just the words that the Lord has me write. Please know that the ONLY thing that is special about me is MY GOD! I am just like every other woman- broken, tired, and insecure, yet it is Christ who makes me whole, rested, and okay with who I am. (smile)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering to help me with all this technical bloggy stuff! It makes me want to pull my hair out (and I already don’t have much of it!) I just redirected my old site today. I used a different plugin (I guess the first one I used was broken or just didn’t work with my sites?)
    I will definitely contact you with my questions.
    Thanks friend!

  12. I love reading your blog. It’s been a blessing to me and a friend I have forwarded you to. There is nothing better than an honest, loving Christian woman sharing everything. You help us to know we are not alone in this life; we have the gift of each other and the gift of God’s grace. Thank you!

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