1. This was a great podcast, y’all!! Great points!
    I like the video aspect of it. It’s fun to watch you two interact!


  2. Very insightful, bible-based,sound message. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will tell my friends.

  3. hi ..how are you i am looking forward of reading your mail.. i notices that everything..
    change i am so sad.. please kindly can i get back your mail..so i can read it..thank you.. love you Andrea…

  4. Hi Jolene,
    I enjoy watching your podcast on this subject and I wish to add a comment here. In my opinion, the marriage bed is defiled when a believer has sex with an unbeliever. Why would the believer want to marry a non-believer in the first place when God has specifically mentioned in the Bible that the believer should not yoke with the unbeliever. On top of that, the Bible does also instruct young widow to get married but he must belong to the Lord.
    Besides these, the Bible also says that an unbelieving husband/wife is welcomed to leave the believing husband/wife if he/she wishes to. It is summed up that the Lord certainly doesn’t encourage a marriage between a believer and an unbeliever
    for the unbeliever will drift the believer apart from the Lord.
    My point is this, a believer should wait upon the Lord to bring the right person into his/her life at the right timing to say marriage vows. With this, the marriage bed would then not be defiled. Only then, God will bless their marriage.
    I heard of a male pastor who married a non-believer ( she converted to Christianity later just because she was marrying a pastor ), and they have remained childless to this day although they have been praying, but God cannot give them children because he has a wife ( a pastor’s wife ) who doesn’t follow after God’s own heart. Please note here that they don’t have any fertility problem.
    I would like to know your opinions following my comment. Please kindly reply. Thank you.

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