1. I work in the natural health field and am thinking it is very possible that this young ladies husband has low testosterone. She may encourage him to get it checked by his doctor. There are many very good supplements that can help. It sounds to me like that may be exactly what the issue is. Just a suggestion.

  2. I, too, am a higher drive wife. Like the woman who asked the question, I’m not overweight (not that that matters too much because a lot of men still desire and crave their overweight wives), nor does my husband have an issue with porn. I have struggled with feeling inferior to all of my friends who wish their husbands would back off a little! I know what it’s like to cry myself to sleep wondering, WHY, why am I not good enough? I felt very ugly and very unloved, for a very long time. If I tried talking to my husband about it, he would get upset and feel badly about himself. I’m pleased to report things have gotten slightly better, but I am really unsure why. I still desire intimacy with my husband far more than he desires it, but at least now we talk about it and it’s improved slightly. He does have an incredible amount of work stress, but I’m not sure that’s a contributing factor. I mean, almost all men have work stress and they still desire sex. We did see a counselor, and it helped a little. It at least forced us to talk. I’ll be praying for the woman who asked the question. I understand how feeling like you are the only woman in the world who isn’t desired by her husband is an incredibly crummy feeling.

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