1. Would it be possible for the podcast to also come out with the written commentary? I don’t always have the time and I’m not always in a place to listen and would love to be able to read it and go back to it for reference.
    Thank you!

    1. Thats what I’ve been wondering too! I simply do not have the time to listen,I can read so much faster!

    2. I have been wanting to ask the same question. My only time to “listen” is while I am at work and that is not really an option. It would be so much more convenient and easier to read the transcript. Thank you

      1. I love listening, but I too would love to read it instead! Our company uses Rev.com for transcription services if you’re ever interested in just outsourcing… I work for a church, and they have quick turnaround time. Anyway, they’re pretty cheap! Blessings in all you do!

  2. Remember how big GOD is in your life. Remember that you are a daughter of the King. Be the very best woman that you can be. Make sure you are fit and healthy…vibrant and alive.
    Consider if there is something missing in your marriage and renew your passion to bring more passion into your home.
    The very biggest weapon you have is your relationship with God. Allow God to being protection for your marriage….a hedge of protection. Let God fight the battle but you spend time doing things that make you feel attractive and alive. God will reward your effort.

  3. This was a great podcast. I am not married yet but I am already trying to learn about what God intended for me as a woman and what he intended for me in a marriage. I do alot of reading about God in marriages because when I do get married I wanna be prepared to serve God and my husband.

    I am in a relationship now of a couple years. When we started in the relationship i didnt think there was an issue with having male friends and i thought it was a jealousy thing too. I now know that its not a jealousy thing. I have read tons of articles and have read the bible about this issue. And i know that many friends of mine or even my family would not agree. they would think “u should be able to have any friends you want.”

    And now i dont even think twice about this. like i said im not married yet but i think that even in a dating relationship, we should be trying to put into place some marriage ideas already. especially if you’re intending to marry who you’re dating.

    Thanks Jolene and Eric! looking forward to more poscasts frok you!

    1. So glad you liked it, Melissa, and that your perspective has changed for the better in regards to having friends of the opposite gender while dating.

  4. I’d also like to suggest that your listener buy a copy of Hedges by Jerry Jenkins and read through it with her husband. My Sunday school class studied that book a few years ago, and it was a game changer for my husband and I and for most of the couples in our class. It might also help her husband better understand what she’s trying to say since it’s written from a man’s point of view.

    Side note, I just discovered your podcast. I’ve subscribed and can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

  5. I am married 37 years to my husband. We are born again Christians. I trust him completely. He has female friends, I have male friends from when I was younger. I have never worried about my husband cheating on me and I would never cheat on him. We guard our hearts, we nurture each other. Neither of us are about to risk our salvation. During my first marriage my husband was a womanizer. We weren’t Christians. I have always promised myself to never go through that again. I’m not being haughty, but I figure if my husband can find someone, whom he feels is better suited for him than me, then more power to him. With STD’s so rampant out there, we both fear infection. I know one thing, I’d never marry again. Jesus is the man for me. If He brought another man into my life, if something happened to my husband, that man would have to be mighty darn close to the Lord.

  6. What if your husband is looking at other female’s profiles on facebook and looking to friend other women? What if he knows how you feel about it but doesn’t care? My husband has done this 3 times now. He just did it again this week. When caught, he said he was sorry and unfriended her. But he keeps doing it. 🙁 I have his password so I can see what he is doing. So I don’t think any of it has actually turned to cheating- but it hurts me so much that he does this.

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