1. My situation is a little different….I am the wife hesitant to attend church with my husband. This creates a lot of tension in our marriage…I do not enjoy nor believe what his church teaches (very limited views on women and their roles in the church), and I actually leave his church feeling awful, depressed and hopeless, rather than loved, blessed and filled with hope and he has NO interest in finding a church that makes me comfortable. (He’s a WELS lutheran and I am United Methodist, my church is too liberal for him). Furthermore, I am not even sure that I AM a christian because I don’t “feel” any love or connection to God/Jesus. This is tormenting me (and has been for years!) and us. Any suggestions?
    PS Please don’t tell me to seek counsel from a clergy because that is NOT something I am comfortable with.

  2. For years, it have been a struggle between me and my in-laws to just get my husband to go to church. There are times when I attend alone that I slip out the door because I don’t want to hear the question “where is your husband?” and of course, they ask that because they care about him. Um, should that question instead be “how is your husband?” not “where he is at?” To me, asking me where he is at indicates that they care more about him occupying a pew, not his spiritual wellbeing. It got so bad that I even told him that I will not attend unless he comes.

    I tried telling the in-laws about it several times, but fall on deaf ears. My husband says that he will attend church but only if there an Apostolic Pentecostal church IN our town.

    1. Tabi, I understand the feelings about people asking where your husband is. It’s very uncomfortable, and you’re right. People should ask how he is not where he is. I was given some very good advice which isn’t easy to follow, but I was told I am not my husband’s Holy Spirit. I can’t change my husband’s heart or mind, only the Holy Spirit can. So, I encourage you to pray to the Holy Spirit regarding your husband. Pray that the HS will change his heart, and don’t stop praying that prayer until it happens which may be years. Don’t give up praying.

      1. For my husband, I believe that the Lord is working through him through music, not listening a pastor preaching while he sits in a pew. He is extremely an introvert, meaning that he doesn’t like to be around a lot of people all the time.

  3. I LOVE all your wonderful posts!!! Do you know of something like this for men? Blessings to you!!!

  4. Hi there..your blog is so inspiring..I have married my husband in a difficult period of his life. He was the “typical” headbanger..listening to heavy metal, adoring Satan, drinking beers, lost in sex…I realized that if i really loved him i had to care about him..church helped me but i it was a real hard struggle..Reading your post now helps me to face the reality..i did it and i wasn t wrong as i supposed to when i began with this new path. Also travels helped us, here we found also a lot of inspiration http://www.vivaguides.com/single-post/TRAVEL-BOOKS

  5. Thanks for your insight on this topic. I have been dealing with this for about 17 years in my marriage, and I completely understand how difficult this can be for women. My husband had become a Christian when we were dating, and when we were first married, we were attending Bible studies and church services. Then, something happened, and he doesn’t want anything to do with the church or God’s word. He says he and God are all good.

    This isn’t an easy situation for anyone in any situation. I agree that you keep following Jesus. That works for my marriage, but I also know there are marriages where it’s not that easy.

    Thanks for encouraging the women who struggle with being spiritually single. I join you in your efforts.

  6. You can’t force what’s not in the heart ..has been one of my mottos all my life!
    YOu can only encourage your husband to attend with you or go to church; God is the only one to change His/Her heart! My husband used to go, but then he backed off from church. He doesn’t stop me and I go with my Mom. We are the same faith. He is a different faith. It is very hard and struggling when you are not equally yoked but
    it is doable! You can only keep being like St. Barnabus, the encourager and encourage! and let it be! Plant the seed and pray about it. He has come with me on holidays and I’m grateful for that. Everyone has to take care of their own soul and keep going to church, get the priest’s/pastor’s blessing for your own soul and keep praying and encouraging! I sympathize with everyone who has this same problem as I do. Never give up.

  7. Hi, my name is Rebecca and I have been married to my husband for 15 years. We have always been very involved in church and made it a priority to attend and get involved within our church. However, for the last two years my husband has placed our children’s sports as the priority. We now miss church on Sunday quite often due to bmx races they have in other states. We are averaging going to church about 2 times a month. We have 4 children and I hear them groan and complain now about going to church when they use to love it. I’m also feeling very disconnected from other believers because it’s been hard to form relationships with not being there very much. He says missing church is not a sin and that we are reaching list people but I don’t see much fruit in that. I know it talks about not making a habit of not meeting together. What do I do in a situation such as this that is not so black and white? This has been going on for the last two years since we moved and my husband got out of the military. Thank you!

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