husband shutting his wife out of his life


  1. Thank you for your heart and time to share and help us along this path. My husband is a believer or was said to be at one time, the last 10 years he has walked away from his faith, the last 3 definitely walking, no running away from it. Left this last June for another woman. The enemy has robbed him of his heartfelt feelings, he’s very cold and closed of. Wants to move on. I’m standing after 31+years, we are still married at this time, he’s not living at home since June. We have 10 children 2 grand children, and a legacy. I’m standing and seeking Christ through all this, I’m glad to say I’ve grown in my faith,yet this trial will be a turning point for this family, I’m praying it’s a good growth amen

    1. Wow, Veronica, I’m so sorry to hear about the choices your husband has made. Keep following Christ in spite of what your husband is or isn’t doing. The Lord is with you and He is faithful!

  2. I have to say that your articles have come at the perfect time. Our marriage of 25 + years has been very difficult at times. Especially in the last couple of years. We have faced many challenges sometimes together and sometimes apart. My husband has never once stood up for me or our children in all sorts of situations that a father, husband, man would have. I do 90% of the parenting and am expected to keep everything in perfect order all the time. He tells me he is not a good communicator, cannot express his feelings, he is going thru a midlife crisis. I have heard it all. But, the ignoring me is the worst. If he doesn’t want to face something he leaves, finds busy work so he doesn’t have to face anything. I have had it, I have been a prayer warrior trying to keep this all together. I am exhausted and feel I deserve better. I am alone in a house with a spouse. It is the hardest thing to face. What do you think?

    1. I am truly relate. My husband left me 4 years ago. We’ve had some false starts and periods of rejection. I guess now is one of those times. He was responsive the past couple of months, no nothing. It hurts so so bad. I have been crying myself to sleep the past week or so. I have prayed every prayer known to man. I’am supposed to zip my lip but that is not working anymore. I want to scream, curse and tell my husband off. To date, I have not done that. People probably think I am not smart. . . that I am a fool. I want to move on because my husband does not care about me. Why am I waiting for someone who does not want me.

      1. I am so sorry for what had happened to you. I can relate a little to your story and recently have found myself crying a lot, due to a husband that when he makes a mistake and we have no more income I am easier to blame. He then shuts down, won’t talk to me for days on out. We live as room mates, I then want to cuss him out, practically want to throw something at him just for the heck of it. So, I have decided that the pure and genuine love I had for my husband. I will carry it over and focus all of my time and energy on Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. This way I have someone listening to me and with that still soft voice I can hear the Father talking back to me. Hang in there my sister, put your head up for God has great things in store for you. He’s not done!

  3. I also can relate very well to the ladies whose husbands shut them out of their lives. I was disappointed to find that I felt lonelier in my marriage than I had ever expected. I wanted a soul mate but my husband was not prepared to relate to me so intimately. He was badly hurt when his fiancee cheated on him and had a very poor relationship with his mother. Interestingly a complete stranger warned me that a man who has a bad relationship with his mother, often treats his wife with disrespect. My husband often made important decisions without consulting me, he trained as an Anglican minister but refused to ever pray with me. I have supported him financially for years and he has turned away from the Church and criticises Church leaders in front of our children, Our children have also become very reluctant to go to Church and he subtly turns them against me with jokes at my expense. I have tried everything to win him back but eventually realised that my peace, wholeness, affection and love must come from a different source. This is my Church family and friends. I have great peace now and with my spiritual battledress, i rarely allow him to penetrate my armour of God. Keep praying and fasting for your marriage; it does work, I have seen a difference.

    I now have more friends and a better social life than I could have imagined. I am at peace and much closer to Jesus. This is what is really important because only God can deal with your husband’s disobedience to Scripture.

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