1. It would be so appreciated if instead of just podcasts you would publish the transcripts of your podcasts. For the sake of the privacy of your reader/listeners. I, for one, am not in a position where I can play them. I’m sure that I am not alone in that. Please consider posting the transcripts. I want to be able to enjoy what you have to say, but not have to enjoy it publically. Otherwise why have a subscription?

    1. I understand what you’re saying, Kim. But in order to provide transcripts for the show, I’d either have to create them myself, which I don’t have the time to do. 🙁 Or I’d have to pay for someone to transcribe them, which won’t happen at this point because the ministry does not bring in enough financial resources to cover the additional expense. One solution that might help is wearing headphones when you listen??

      1. That makes sense. I can try headphones. It’s hard to listen and not have to tell my husband what I’m listening to. Tough situation here. I’ll have to pick some up next payday. Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.

  2. Fouge amazing! You’re doing God’s work!

    My sexual past was actually a string offairs, early in our (now 23 year) marriage. That season lasted 5 years, and I fought with myself every day. I was so far away from God, and lying to everyone in my life.

    One day, God showed up in my life in such a big way. I was walking down the street, and felt so far away from him. I wanted HIm, but didn’t know how to find him. Then I remembered that I could just turn around and He’d be there. That’s exactly what happened. I turned around in the middle of the street and walked into the biggest warmest hug of my life. My life has never been the same. I stopped the behaviors THAT MINUTE, and never went back.

    Then I spent the next 8 years trying to find a way to come clean with my husband. Five years after the infidelity ended, God blessed us with a family (something he had promised in the middle of the affair). I fought with myself several times a day as to whether or not I was going to tell him.

    He is a strong believer, and when I told him, I did not give details. I prayed and prayed, I jumped in with both feet, and do you know what he said? He asked was it current and I said no. He asked if I wanted to leave, I said no. He asked when the last time was it happened, and I responded 8 years previously. He said look at the woman of God you are now. If that’s what it took to get you to the kingdom, then I can live with it. I love you. Let’s get past this.

    And then I remembered something: when I had stopped the behavior, I tried to tell him then. He practically knew already. HE had been hoping it would stop. And he ignored it, because he did not want me to leave. Maybe it was not healthy response, but we kept at it and worked and prayed together and are now celebrating 23 years of marriage.

    God is the only way we could have possibly gotten through this. It can’t be done on our own. Obviously nobody in our lives knows the story. And it haunts me sometimes. But it is a lie from the enemy. I know that with my husband, and with my God, life goes on. My hubby is an amazing example of how we should always be forgiving toward one another. I know that I don’t deserve him, and so I try my hardest everyday to be a good wife.

    Now we’re going through a different struggle, where my husband is dealing with some autoimmune disease. He experiences a tremendous amount of pain on a daily basis. Instead of lashing out at me in his frustration of not feeling well, he just there’s bearing up under it, every single day. Please pray for him if you could. And thank you for your ministry! This is absolutely an ongoing struggle for me, getting beyond my past.

  3. I am engaged to a very lovely Christian woman. She’s a published author of Christian women’s books. We’ve dated for two years and have had some major trials. About two months into our courtship I learned quite by accident while installing software on her laptop that she had not just a past, but a secret present. There were pictures on her desktop of a mostly nude women, her, but by a different name. I did some searches online and found a dozen ads for her services as an elite adult escort, $500/hr kind of escort. I confronted her and she lied to me three times. Finally things came to a head and she confessed and vowed to leave the “life” permanently and devote herself to only me. She had been doing this work for a decade. I calculated based on her own story that she had seen 300 to 400 clients per year. I had a big decision to make. I decided that her commitment was genuine and Christ forgave me so I ought to forgive her. She has for the past 20 months now been steadfast in her devotion to me and our relationship. She is loving and attentive to my every need. Her heart for God and his Word is enormous. So you see she is a real unique contradiction. Early in our courtship I told her I would not be having sex with her until and if God brought us together in marriage. We remain celibate. However, every time we embrace or are physically intimate these images of hundreds of men and the unspeakable things that they have done with her come flooding into my mind. I cannot seem to get free of this and it blocks the fullness of what I want our relationship to be. I know this is the enemy, and have prayed about it a lot. She really has turned her life around and I have no fear of her ever cheating on me or going back into the escort trade. But these images keep haunting me. What can I possibly do to be free of this and simply enjoy what we have?

    I know you may be thinking that I am a fool, run from this. But I am reminded of the prostitute that came to Jesus and wept at his feet and washed his feet with her tears. He did not reject her, and her heart for Him was genuine. Such is the heart of my fiance for God.

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