1. The longer I live, raising these sons, the more humble I become, the more I realize the Father wants all His children to come home – just as passionately does He want those who don’t follow all the rules! He wants me to love them just as much as He does! Beautifully delivered message!

  2. Amen Jolene!! I wrote a post not long ago about hypocrisy among Christians and I was amazed at the amount of people who truly believe that Christians are not hypocritical! Craziness! Thanks for your transparency and revealing the battle we will face until we see Jesus face to face!! Lovs!


  3. Oh, Jolene…I understand your conviction before the Lord regarding Phariseeism, but discernment has a place in our faith life, too. There ARE times when we are to see that someone is not dressed modestly, or that she is not respecting her husband. And sometimes we are put in exactly the precise place to speak into those situations. The heart, of course, the heart that tells us that because we see these faults we are better than someone else, now that is another matter…
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    1. Yes, Mrs P, discernment does have a place but that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. If we allow Him to guide us and give Him access to our hearts, then we can disciple a woman rather than come across as judging her. I believe that is the core difference. It’s easy for those two lines to be blurred, (in my journey of following Christ, unfortunately, I have done it numerous times!)

  4. Very well written post, this keeps me from forgetting where I came from and where I am going to and WHO is in charge!!!

  5. Hi Jolene – so true. I am guilty too. Its hard not to be like that because half the time we don’t believe we are doing anything wrong. It might even be the truth, but it is not for us to judge. Great reminder
    God bless

  6. Oh, that plank in our eye that obstructs our view!
    Thanks for the poke to the heart this morning.

    I think MrsP brings up an important point about discernment, but I am sometimes conflicted about that. Where is my heart is in the matter? Am I just judging, glad that I am so amazingly better? Or do I offer an invitation to another possibility? Still being a “toddler” Christian, I am not sure where “judgement” ends and my invitation begins.

    Thanks for sharing at NOBH!

    1. Great statement Kim, “not sure where ‘judgement’ ends and my invitation begins’.
      From my own experience, it is a CONSTANT heart check; which I find I fail miserably! In fact, I can’t believe I am even writing on this subject!
      There is a big difference between discipleship and judgmentalship (not sure if that’s a word but I think it fits in this situation!) ha ha
      I have learned to ask myself if the woman has a DESIRE to be discipled, if so then I can encourage her to grow. If she doesn’t desire that growth (at least from me giving it to her), then I need to move on.

  7. Legalism is something I definitely struggle with to. We must realize that we should build other women up and not tear them down. One area I feel especially convicted about this in is the area of being open-to-life. What advice would you give to a young, newly married couple trying to decide whether to trust God with the number of children they will have?

    1. If God is prompting them to to trust Him with the number of children to have, then my encouragement would be for them to listen to God and not man.

  8. Great post and so very true in my life too. We don’t always act like Pharisees but sometimes the trait shows up out of the blue (at least with me) and we don’t realize it until we look back and see that how we acted was just as bad as what we had just accused someone else of doing. Thanks,
    I’d like to invite you to link up at my page 🙂

  9. I was just reflecting on Romans 12:1. I want to be more intentional in serving the Lord. I want my sacrifices to be received by the Lord and not rejected because of a poor attitude. It is a selfish act to compare ourselves with and to judge others. I am praying that the Lord will take away my selfishness and I can see others the way He sees them. His Grace covers me no matter how short I fall. The least I can do is extend that grace to the ones who I come in contact with.

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