1. Just writing to say that even though I’m not Christian, (I’m Wiccan/Pagan/Interfaith), I’ve found a lot of value and wisdom in your blog here. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Greetings,
    There are very clear scripture on leading throughout the Bible including consequences if a man doesn’t lead. When a man is saved he is now a new man in Christ therefore he puts off the old man. We all had rough back grounds in one way or another and we call this sin ( born sinners) The fall in the garden is a part of everyone. It is through Christ alone we are saved , not by our good works but by the shedding of His blood on the cross.Although good works should follow our salvation. We cannot fix ourselves nor can we go back and relive the past but we can repent and turn to Christ , the Christ that dwells in us therefore it is through His grace, and through the word and prayer that we concuer sin. I would find it a cop out to say that men don’t lead because our wife did something wrong or my childhood wasn’t ideal, no, when you are washed clean whiter than snow then you put that sin behind you and seek His truth. We are all born of sin and the speck in others eyes won’t take the log out of our own. This applies to the women also.
    I say tell people to read the Bible and they will find it all there.

    thank you

    1. Some men find it very difficult to read the Bible, such as my husband, or any big book for that matter. Your right in what you say about the old man being left behind in the old life and becoming a new man in Christ, beginning a new life, yet its not that easy. You’re not automatically transformed into a totally different person overnight when you accept Jesus and read scripture and the memories of the past are still there and still can have a hold on someone even after conversion or even baptism. A recovered alcoholic may very well have urges afterwards, etc. Things take time. Of course men should be encouraged to read the Bible and it certainly does change lives, I agree. It’s not wrong to say so, however, to identify things in one’s past that have a direct result in why we are the way we are today is a huge step in learning how to overcome it with Christ as our captain in life. With God all things are possible and often times wives need help to see how their role in a marriage is affecting it whether it be positive or negative and there is nothing wrong in shedding light on the partner’s actions as well. It might not just be the husband and more times than not it isn’t.

      God bless.

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