1. If there’s any doubt in your mind about your book, ignore it, and move forward in faith. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month and have been blessed. I believe the Lord Himself led me here. I think I searched “feelings of bitterness…” and your site popped up and I read blog post after blog post. The words were so encouraging and what I needed to realize and learn. One night I was literally in tears as I read and found myself crying out to my Heavenly Father for help and deliverance. The enemy knows how well the Lord is using you. Ignore him and press on in Jesus name!

  2. So thankful that I found your blog today; it was the Lord. I am in a spiritual and physical battle right now and your (Gods) words are so encouraging. Thank you. I will check back often as this page blesses me, so it MUST be of the Lord. God bless.

  3. Hi Jolene,

    I was thinking of doing a post on Ephesians 5:22 and was searching for images to go with the post and I came across your website. I read your article on The Backbone of A Submissive Wife and really liked the way your husband tackled this topic of some husbands taking the wife’s submission out of context. When I finished reading this, I moved on to your article on 3 Biblical Tips When You’re At a Crossroad. I know how fear can inhibit a person. It reminded me of the time when fear almost prevented me from giving my testimony at a church event. When I realized that the Lord wanted me to do this, I stepped out in faith. And I am thankful that I did. It was faith that enabled me to get involved in church ministries and even start one which is still going strong to this day even though I am not longer doing it.

    Fear ties our hands and keeps us down but faith grabs hold of us and drives us to do what the Lord has called us to do. Faith is bold and not afraid to step out of the comfort zone. Your ministry here is a blessing to many. Good for you for not retreating. You march on and give God the glory He deserves by fulfilling His purpose in your life.


  4. Jolene, you are gonna ROCK shespeaks!! You have been faithful to him in sooo many ways. You are blessed and a blessing to others. Great encouragement here!

    1. Pearl, I’ll stand close to you at SheSpeaks! 🙂 Thanks for spurring me on. I’m sooo looking forward to meeting you in person. I can’t wait!

  5. Fear has been holding me back for so long, I can’t even see the vision God gave me so clearly years ago. I’ve come to realize that in the last few weeks, and events this week brought it starkly before me. I don’t know yet what it means in practical terms, but I know I have some deep repentance and prayer to do. Thank you for writing this, and blessings on your journey ♥

  6. Hi Jolene,
    What a great post. I know you will be obedient to the Lord despite the fear that you have been having. Recently, I have been in a dilemma with many decisions that have to be made. On the one side the world pulls me on the other side is the vision that the Lord has given our family. I am so happy to say that putting fear aside and doing what you know He is telling you took that “pit” in my stomach away and gave me much joy and peace! I know that your heart is to encourage and guide the women. Your book can do that. This blog is more of a stepping stone to that because you can’t give them all the guidance and steps on a specific subject in blog posts but with books (did you hear me say books??!!) you can do that. I know it is hard work but the Lord is putting you in all the right places to have it done. Sister, you will do great and I am praying for you on your journey!

    1. Hello my dear sister!
      I’m blessed to hear that this post brought clarity to your mind and peace to your heart about your crosswords. Our God is faithful to guide us even when we’re faithless. And yes, I did hear you say books!” 🙂 Between my Lord, my husband, you, and others speaking to me I think the only words I ever hear are “when are you going to write your books”! 🙂 Thank you for praying for me and the labor of loves that I’m working on. Prayer is what I need most, that and a little bit of dark chocolate.

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