1. I find it very interesting to see what other versions of the Bible that people use. I have several different ones inclunding two parallel bibles, NASB,NIV.NLT,HCSB, NKJV, ESV, AMP and MSG. I collect Bibles so to speak. I have several different NIV Womens devo bibles as I enjoy the different devotions in them.

  2. We have an older Bible (maybe 1970s?) called The Open Bible that is KJV, but with many extra “helps”. I also like NLT for the “modern” writing, and Amplified because it really helps me understand the passages more in depth. Sometimes I read all three translations, but I usually use KJV the most because I really like “old school” writing 😀

    1. Heather, I like the Amplified, too! Since I wasn’t raised on the KJV the ‘old school’ writings just don’t make sense to me. Perhaps my brain needs to slow down a bit to process the thee’s and thine’s?? 🙂

      1. I’ve heard that reason used so many times, but the KJV is written at a 5th grade level and NIV at 7th grade. Getting over the thee’s and thine’s are so easy to do once you try. Give it a chance, it is such a blessing!

    1. I’ve heard that they were written at 5th grade for KJV and 7th for NIV. I will try and find a link to support this. Although I think KJV is best version (this coming from someone who was raised on NIV) I think opening up your Bible and reading and learning about our amazing Father is what’s important.

  3. I have an Amplified Bible and Thompson’s Chain Reference Bible which I use frequently. I also have several Prophecy Bibles- Jack Van Impe, John Hagee, Grant Jeffrey, and Tim LaHaye, that I use when I am watching prophecy teaching. I also have a parallel Bible

  4. I love my ESV Reformation Study Bible (Sproul) and my ESV YouVersion Bible app. I listen to my reading plan on YouVersion while I get ready in the morning, but as far as Bible study, I like my Reformation Study Bible. I also use my John MacArthur study Bible for study too.
    Oh and as part of our homeschool, we like listening to the dramatized audio Bible (Faith Comes By Hearing). We’re studying Gen-Deut as part of our history this year, so there’s a lot of dramatic dialogue in there. 😉

  5. When I was a new believer I always wondered how there could be so many different versions that could all be called “God’s Word”. Which one should I memorize? The versions don’t all say the same things. How confusing. I began to study about Bible versions and original texts. There are several good books available that explain Bible translation, history, versions etc. The one I started with years ago was Bible Versions by G.A. Riplinger. This issue is SO crucial. I know so many people who are confused because they think they are studying God’s word, but are reading someone’s ideas from a perverted text. God is able to and has preserved his true word. I know this is a sensitive idea for some, but please consider the facts so you can be sure to be studying God’s true word.

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