1. Jolene, I am sorry that writing this blog is a trial for you, but it has been a lifeline for me. I have been married for 27 years, to an unbeliever. It didn’t matter at first, because I had fallen away in my teen years. As we grew older and our marriage became difficult, I turned to God for help, and have been his since that time. The Lord is my deliverer, my comfort, and my sounding board. Even with daily scripture reading, the beam was in my eye as I look askance at my husbands unrighteous decisions. One day within the last year I stumbled upon your blog – it has change my life and my attitude. I realized that I had lost respect for him, that I refused to let him lead (I was the one in conversation with God, so how could he make the right decisions?). I was very convicted by your writing, and have used it as a springboard to creating a better marriage. I praise God that he has inspired you. I pray that he will strengthen you to continue in your work. I am sure that you have many readers who feel that same as I do. You are a beacon in this struggling world. Thank you for your sacrifice! Thank you for your wisdom! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Angela,
      What a blessing to hear that your marriage has grown stronger as a result of this ministry! God is good like that. He knows what we need, when we need it. And He knows what I need. He continually shapes me, refines me, comforts me, and challenges me right here in this ministry. One minute my flesh is bent out of shape and the next, my spirit is soaring! In all honesty, I can’t even imagine my life without the opportunity to pour into God’s gals! I love it and I believe He has wired me to do it but sometimes I just let my own insecurities rob me of the joy He wants to extend to me. When I take my eyes off of myself and compare this world to heaven, then the reality is, there is no sacrifice in what I do here. Building God’s kingdom rather than my own is what I always want to be the driving force of my life. But sometimes I grow weary or become wounded, or I’m just flat out discouraged and what does God do? He sends you to encourage me! Thanks friend. <3

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