1. Thank you so very much for this thismorning. What a year. The first of this year I got off of 9 medications and have had to learn to deal with everything all over again. I have had to learn how to control raw emotions that have been numb for almost 20 years of being on medication. Just all kinds of things. What I am now dealing with is being overwhelmed. I’m feeling better and able to do more (Praise God) but I’m not used to it. This helped me so much. I need to sit down with God and even my husband and prioritize things and LEARN HOW TO SAY NO! Thank you! You are such a blessing!

    1. Wow, Heather, that’s a tough season to be in! How wonderful to hear that things are getting better in your life. Saying no isn’t always easy, but many times it’s the right thing to do.

  2. Thank you so much Jolene. I have felt overwhelmed lately and not sure where God is leading me with my ministry, church participation/service etc. This was a great reminder and encouragement to me. 🙂

  3. Good words. I too am wondering where God is taking me, the direction of our ministry, and often overwhelmed by the seasons we are in. But it’s so encouraging that I don’t have to trust me.
    Also, great advice to say no to anything that doesn’t line up with your families priorities!

    1. Hi Jo,
      It is wonderful to know that we don’t have to trust us, isn’t it! The Lord is a wonderful counselor and guide that we can faithfully trust with all aspects of our lives.

  4. Love this Jolene! Your words always speak right to my heart. I look forward to all your posts, so much wisdom in your words! Never stop writing!

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