1. GOD knew that I needed to see this post. Thank you for listening to HIS sweet voice. I am a content wife without a husband right now, but he’s coming, GOD said so when he is ready for me, GOD will bring him. Its been 7 years this year since GOD introduced us! Excited at the fulfillment of HIS word and calling on our lives.

  2. Often I get wrapped up in my circumstances and I fail to praise Him at all times. Counting it all joy….no matter what we are facing. Thank you for this reminder today….. Lots going on with our family this week….praying that God will guide us.

  3. I really needed this today. I am printing on pink paper and placing it in my planner so I can read it over and over again until it sinks in.

  4. Hi Jolene! Thank you for sharing that story. I feel like I’m the only one who’s broke and has lost everything not once but multiple times. And I’m looking at having to move in July because we can’t afford the rent where we live now.

    It’s hard to remember the good things when all you do is stare at the bills you know you can’t pay. I have a bad habit of always focusing on the negatives. I don’t feel like I’m blessed because I’m just that one tiny step from losing it all.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Hi Linda,
      I feel your pain about moving and lack of finances. We moved 4 times in an 18 month period, and they weren’t fun moves! You’ve got to look for the good in your circumstances and even if you can’t find them you can look to Jesus. He’s perfect and He knows what He’s doing with your life. Be faithful to praise Him anyways.

  5. Jolene, this is a confirmation to what God was speaking to my very spirit today. I too, thank you for hearing God and pouring into each one of us what He has placed on your heart today. I am bubbling over with Joy right now that I can’t even find the words to explain! I am still fairly new to your online blog ministry here, so anytime you have any speaking engagements coming up, I would love to be there. Blessings!

    1. Aww, such sweet words of encouragement, Latosha. I thought I had my comments turned off, but I guess I didn’t! Welcome here, sister and may the Lord be glorified by both our lives!

  6. Jolene, I love your thoughts here. I’m usually a very content person, optimistic and happy – but this year has been exceptionally difficult for us. Your words really encouraged me and bolstered my resolve to stay in that place of contentment. Bless you!

  7. Your post have been very helpful, but I still feel that the answer that I am searching for is not available. I try desperately to give my life to Christ and for times I can tolerate my marriage. Although we face severe financial problems, they do not bother me so much anymore. What bothers me is his lack of consideration and kindness. He lives his life and I live mine completely separate in the same house. I have tried to explain my feelings and he tells me I am wrong. So I find happiness in the Lord, my children and a life that I have created around me that does not include my husband. I farm. He resents and I believe hates the farm. It is our primary source of food and provides a small income. God has blessed us with an abundant farm, although there is a serious threat that we may have to leave at anytime. I work hard but find reward and enjoyment in my work. I am home with my children and my my life is happy until I consider my marriage. We do not communicate well. He is only happy to talk about his life, not our life or our family. I feel trapped and when it comes to intimacy, I feel used.

  8. Thank you so much for these words of encouragement. I have struggled my whole life with contentment. It’s taken me quite a while to realize why and I’m working on it. Godly guidance is very needed. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for these great reminders from God’s Word! And thanks for being transparent and open! It’s so true: when we focus on circumstances it’s impossible to keep our joy, but when our eyes are on Christ He gives us peace and joy regardless of what’s going on around us!

  10. Thanks so much for your articles. Ever since I came across your articles my life has never been the same again. I don’t forget to share with my friends who are married because I believe they too will be blessed as I have been. May the almighty Jehovah continue protecting and blessing you and your family

  11. This truly blessed me and it is helping me to shift my focus off of my husband and placing it where it should be–on God. Continue to allow God to use you to spread the correct message about being the wife God has called us to be. Thank you so much!!!!

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