1. Cute story, you obviously felt very comfortable with him and it sounds like you have a lot in common too.

  2. Thanks Sis. I wanted to be accepted for me; warts and all, along with all sorts of baggage! I didn’t want to portray something or shall I say, ‘someone’ different than who I really was.

  3. fabulous post!!! 🙂

    I found you through titus 2sdays link up and I’m glad I did! I’m 3 and a half years married, but this is very valuable advice for singles!!! 🙂

    1. So nice to ‘meet’ you and blessed to hear that you came on over from the link up! May the Lord’s words go forth for many single women to hear His love for them.

  4. What an attention-getting title and cute story about your athlete’s foot! And your message is so good too. I never thought of it from that angle, but it’s great advice.

  5. I truly enjoyed this post. I have been courting my best friend for over 2 years now and we’ve come a loooong way. 😀 Now we can talk about this annoying pimples, foot fungus, stomach problems and he definitely has seen me in some of my worst moments! 😀


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