1. Oh, the conviction of the Holy Spirit can be painful, but the cleansing that takes place, and the consoling that we receive from our gracious Heavenly Father afterwards is so refreshing and brings healing to our afflicted hearts and renewal to our spirits.
    At the prayer meeting this pass December, a mom prayed that my faith would grow this year in the Lord Jesus Christ in areas that I need, and I held on to that beautiful prayer. And as I read your blog, I hear the echo of His words ‘to build my faith’, so with anticipation, I wait for Him and am learning to look for Him in my daily living and to expect great things from Him. Be blessed today, my friend, and together let’s worship the Lord with every members of our being.

  2. I love your message, and will enjoy following you. Thank you for joining the NOBH community. God bless you, what a beautiful smell your perfume is to me and the Lord.

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