1. I have a question for you. One that I often ask myself. What some ways to make God the center of your marriage? I know every couple is comfortable with different things, but I always feel that this is lacking and we are not doing enough to put him in the spot light.

  2. Ameriah, that is a perfect question! I spoke with my Beloved about this and we felt this question would lay the foundation for the radio show. You, my friend, were used by God in this ministry!!! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. I can’t wait to answer this question.

  3. I have a question for you. I have been encouraged and challenged by what you write. I was wondering if you and your husband could address how you have gotten through times when you did not necessarily agree or feel united together. While I admire your strong marriage, I wonder if you could share times when you and your husband were struggling in your relationship and how you overcame those challenges.

  4. Jolene, so many of things you say are controversial and I do not agree with all of them and I LOVE IT! So many christian women who blog stick to the domestic arts, praising home-school, and quoting their favorite, non-controversial, bible verses. There is nothing wrong with that, you can tell many of these women have beautiful hearts to share. But I want something more. I want a post that makes me think, brings to attention a scripture I had not considered in a certain situation, or challenges a commonly held belief. I was wondering if, during your radio show, you and your husband could discuss how you decide what to share in a public forum and how you remain committed to submitting to your husband’s will and God’s will. Is there ever a time you feel compelled to share something where your husband advises against it, or ever a time your husband calls you to write something that you feel is beyond your comfort level?

  5. Great question! Thanks for asking it and yes, we can share on that. I am not sure if we can cover it on the first show or not (time permitting) but we will address it in future shows.

  6. 🙂
    I love your question(s).
    Let me touch briefly on one….is there ever a time your husband calls you to write something that you feel is beyond your comfort level. I laughed out loud when I first read that because that seems to be the norm over here! In the last 10 years or so, ALL the ministries I have been involved in have been outside of my comfort zone! Did you happen to read the Pig Post?? It was TOTALLY outside my comfort zone. Here’s a principle that might help you. My Beloved encourages and challenges me in ministry, he does not rule over me. I just wrote a post, Wrestling with God, that might address a few more of your questions. We will try to address this on the radio show as well, although it might be on a later show because we are trying to establish a format.
    Thanks for your questions!

  7. Hi, this ones kinda personal but very important. How do we as christian women keep a good and healthy fulfilling intimate life (you know) with Jezebel so rampant in our society? Thanks!

  8. Hello Suzy 🙂
    Thanks for writing in with your question!
    You are absolutely right about this being an important one. I am assuming you are referring to The Marriage Bed or The Act of Marriage as I would refer to it, but the Jezebel part I’m a little unsure of what you mean. Are you talking about immoral women trying to entice your man? Or just how there are immodest women everywhere revealing all sorts of body parts everywhere we look– t.v., billboards, malls, etc. and even churches? Goodness, the more I think about this question the more I want to write a post on it or actually discuss it with my Beloved on our radio show. Thanks for writing in and I’ll respond back here when we make our decision.

  9. Hi Jolene,
    Yes, the marrige bed and definetely referring to the billboards, commercials, and yes sadly even church immodesty and enticement. Thanks. Can’t wait to hear on the topic!

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