1. Dear Jolene

    I’ve always thought of writing to you but then I’m busy and you probably are too busy to even read my comment until today when the Holy Spirit said to me:’ hey everyone needs to be encouraged. How do you know? She might need it just today. Just from you. ‘ so I dared to write finally.
    I wanted to say what a great blessing to me and my sisters in Christ( from my church) you are. I receive you devotions by email and I must say that even though I’ve never met you( hey I’ll see you in heaven) I just love you. I love your sence of humour and your honesty but most of all that you just love Jesus and wants to please him in whatever you do. You have ministered to my heart and my sisters’ so many times. I always forward your emails to others. I pray for you and thank God that He’s put you here to minister to our hearts. This is so precious. Thank you. Personally I’ve put into practice a lot of the things you suggested in your posts when it comes to my marriage and kids and The Lord has used you in a wonderful way. So thank you dear Jolene. Please keep sharing stuff with us as you can’t even imagine how needed and precious everything that The Lord tells you to write it is.

    In His wonderful and gracious love
    Valentina( a thankful and blessed sister in Christ)

    1. Valentina,
      Your words of encouragement brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for taking the time to minister to me. I’m completely humbled by all that you have shared.

  2. Jolene
    That was a blessing! It is true when your so tired mental, physically, emotionally you can remove the mask and just let The Lord do His will.
    You both looked beautiful in the picture!

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thank you! And yes, sometimes God has to take us through things so we’ll just accept His path and let Him do His will!

  3. Thank you Jolene for your blog. It’s a huge source of encouragement and a huge blessing.
    May God continue to give you grace for His work and calling and like you always say, live a poured out life for Christ.

  4. My sweet sister blogger, what an incredible, Spirit-filled weekend we experienced together. I too am overwhelmed with the power of being called of God. Remember, blow some bubbles and celebrate! Because, even in our humility we can savor the joy of being used as God’s vessel. I know you’ll keep writing for HIM. I will, too. Meet you next year in Charlotte. 🙂 I love you!

    1. Love you too, Bonny! But um, 5 airplanes later and almost 24 hours of travel time I’m not quite sure that I’m willing to fly to North Carolina again! Quite frankly, they need to have a conference like that on the west coast!

  5. Hey Jolene,

    Glad to know that the conference went well. I know you were encouraged and I look forward to continue reading about all the Lord has shown you. May the Lord continue to bless you and your household. May He do wonderful things through you and the ministry He has so obviously laid before you.

    I look forward to buying your first book! Much Affection!
    Cristina (+Frank and the gang)

  6. Jolene, I came across your site quite by accident the other day. In fact, I jotted down your name (from somewhere – lol!) with the intention of looking it up, but two days later, on seeing your name written on a piece of scrap paper, I couldn’t remember why I had wanted to look you up. All that to say, God certainly works in mysterious ways, as they say. I have been a writer at heart ever since I can remember, and over the years, the lord has impressed me with different ways He wanted to use my writing to serve Him. Needless to say, lots of ideas, but total avoidance on my part! No matter how badly I have wanted just that, I haven’t been able to get over my fear and insecurities to really try. In recent months, I have come closer and closer to trying, but still am hesitant. But, reading your blog and been such an encouragement! At first, I felt a bit discouraged at the thought that in spite of different lives, we do seem to have similar things to say. But then I realized it’s all about Him, and serving Him by ministering to others in the way He has shown us to do. It certainly isn’t a competition, is it? We all have influence in different circles. Because of reading just a few of your posts, I am more confident of His plan and purpose for me in this! Thanks for being an inspiration.

      1. Thank you for the encouragement. I can so relate to the things you write about. I am hoping I will find my our voice (so to speak) as well! I did send you a friend request on Facebook and discovered we have several “mutual friends”. I don’t know if these are people you know personally, or just some who found your blog as I did, but that in itself was encouraging as well.

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