1. My husbands birthday is tomorrow. In years gone by we have downplayed V-day, but this year I am doing both days up pretty good!
    I think this will be a very special time for us since it is not a ritual we usually follow.
    So yes, Love Is A Choice. And some choices show it more than others. I challenge your readers to break out of the “normal” mold and surprise their husbands in a way they do not expect!

  2. Yes Love is a choice. And I have sent you several emails before so you already know my story, but Valentine’s Day wouldn’t necessarily mean that much to me if “I” or the relationship was celebrated “just because”. My husband doesn’t celebrate this day. His reason is, he doesn’t need a man made holiday to tell him when he should or shouldn’t do something for the ones he loves….I GET THAT, however he doesn’t. If it’s my birthday or anniv he will buy me a gift and maybe we’ll go out but again wouldn’t these days be considered obligatory as well? He still isn’t doing things “just because”. It really hurts sometimes, but when we dated, I seemed important enough for a card. Then all of sudden, out the blue, he just decides “I’m not celebrating that day” really? Wow. The one day that actually forces a person to go out of their way to show love,appreciation,affection,admiration and he chooses not to…I have gone out of my way to do nice things for him, regardless of the day, some times he seems appreciative and others not so much..what woman doesn’t want to feel loved and adored by her husband? I have been married 15 years…I don’t know how much longer I can hold onto a lifeless, loveless marriage. Help Jesus!

    1. Rocquin,
      I’m so sorry you are having to live in a loveless marriage. A marriage like that is not the kind of marriage that God intended for His children. Your husband is in rebellion to the Word of God. If he doesn’t know Christ, then do your best to win him over by your conduct. (1 Peter 3:1) In the meantime, seek to please the Lord in your life and be still in knowing that you are loved by your King. God is not surprised by what you are going through. He’s with you in all circumstances and He’ll use your situation for good. (Romans 8:28)

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