1. Please, I have a relationship and we are very close to each other, but the issue is this, am the only one supporting the relationship intempt of financial income what should I do.

    1. Hi Barob,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. Ask yourself if you want to be the main breadwinner as a wife or if you’d like your future husband to have this role. If you don’t want to be the main breadwinner as a girlfriend, then chances are you probably don’t want to be the main breadwinner when you’re married. But that is the path you’re on based on the guy you’re with. If I were in this situation, I’d tell him to get a job or a get a new girlfriend because I’m done paying his way. I hope this helps!

    1. Hi Scott,
      No, I don’t have a men’s version of this podcast. But based on the amount of emails I have received on this topic, my husband and I will probably record one.

  2. Hi 6 yrs ago we weren’t saved when we married. 5 mos after marriage I was with a person. After finding out hubby was & still is now with many people. Almost 3 yrs ago when he came back I asked him to 4 give me. I used 2 curse b him soo bad b4 salvation. I felt soo bad when I listened 2 the recordns I’m ashamed. But that’s nothing compared 2 the words I still get. When it’s time 4 sex I give it 2 him cause I’m his wife. He don’t pay bills or anything. I try often 2 respect him. At times is hard I see him like we’re sneakn & cheating. Like I haven’t seen him at all this month. He does get anointed with blessd oil each time he wants sex. I keep food & beverages in our home. But he brings his own liquor cause I refuse 2 furnish that. The worse I call him now is jackbutt. I know I shouldn’t. He has a home 2 live in a good CHRISTIAN wife but that’s not where he chooses 2 b. I do all the things a wife should meals in bed clean house clothes, I warfare pray over him utilities stay on. All without his help. I did get mad enough 2 put him on cheaters websites. Man was he mad when some 1 told him. Calld me out of my name 1st time in 5. 1/2 yrs. Divorce runs rampid in my family. Hes been divorced @ least once. Hes sleepn with girls who go 2 church. But ain’t saved. I love him the reason I married him. I’m standing on GODs word but @ times get weary! I do realize it’s the hand of Satan. When I was in the world my men were with me every night. So imagine tell GOD u won’t sleep with any 1 until ur married2 them & honoring it till married. I know no 1 can tell me because I don’t know either. But when is it time 2 just walk away?? I have a friend who tried 2 hook me up with 4diff relatives & friends in church she knew. But the only man I want is my husband. I’m uncovered in many ways. I stay on the net listening 2 marriage warfare prayers & sermons 2 stay encouraged. What am I doing wrong???

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