1. Oh, you are so right! There are so many times throughout the day when we are given opportunities to “take up our cross and follow Him”! The little things are so important. Thanks for this great reminder this morning!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Hi Joan! Another one came to my mind yesterday as our Bible study group asked the question, “How are you serving Christ.” I remembered something someone told me years ago: By trusting your husband, your are actually trusting Jesus Christ. We could substitute the word serving for trusting. I commented serving our husbands is pleasing them even when they are not around, but fulfilling their wishes. My hubby can’t stand our dog lapping up the food remains off the plates in the dishwasher as I load it. I feel like they are doubly clean! I struggle with not shooing the dog away when my hubby is not around or in another town! Then I remember, that God sees it all, and is pleased when I honor my husband’s wishes, not just honor him when he is around to see it. Stay strong in Him, Joan as you “wifing” honors the Lord!

  2. Sometimes it is easy to ask that question, but it is hard to follow through with the answer that He gives us. I am trying to trust in Him more and more each day!

    1. Yes it is, Cassie. Talk is easy, for me too. Obedience is another matter all together!!! I love what Jeremy Taylor says, “Let me obedience be without interruption.” In other words, may we live continually in an attitude of desiring to be obedient to the Lord. I see why the Bible repeats, “this is a hard teaching.” The Christian life is not hard, it’s impossible! Only possible as we fill our minds with His word, and Christ in us spills out. Thank you Cassie for your honesty! Jesus wants us to be real like the Psalmist before Him, and pour out our hearts to him!

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