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  1. My husband’s family have interfered in our marriage. We have married 10 yrs. My husband just turned 50,I am 57. My husband’s family always try to discourage him about our marriage. He was raised in the Episcopal church and I was raised Baptist. His family is wealthy and mine is working class. He has mental illness,and I have battled depression various times in my life. My husband has abandoned me,encouraged to do this by his family. He walked out and his family is paying for his divorce from me.
    I love him still,and I don’t want him to divorce me. What should I do? He says part of him feels like a teenager again and he wants to be free and 50. He didn’t get to have relationships with other women because of mental illness early in his life,he wants to explore this now. My husband says he is a believer. I am a believer. I want my husband to come back. I don’t want him to divorce me.

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