1. Thank you for your faithfulness to this ministry. I have been blessed to have a Christian husband and we have been married 44 years. We just celebrated on April 9th this year by going to a 3 day marriage conference. I believe in keeping marriages strong, by always being teachable and pliable. I truly believe that there is always something to glean from the Word of God and certainly other sisters in the Lord. I listen to your podcasts and I follow several bloggers (the ones in the upcoming conference) I have sent countless women to your website as well as our three grown daughters. We have all been watching and listening to these Godly women like you. Keep up the good work. God is faithful and He is the best example for us to become steadfast. May God Bless you.

    1. Wow, Jeanne, you just blessed my heart with your sweet words of encouragement! And I LOVE the fact that you still keep learning. This is SO vital for all wives to learn!

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