1. I think this sounds wonderful! I will definitely do this and I will ask a couple of friends to join me. Thank you for doing this!

  2. I am truly looking forward to this bible study. The book is amazing and I have shared this with my girlfriend group and “sis in loves”! We are in a season where the world needs more examples of ” Christ- like wives”. It starts at home and I’m determined to be that example for my daughter and son through our 13+ year marriage!
    So thank you for this!

    1. That’s so awesome to hear, Leshia! And yes, the world does need to see more examples of Christ-like Wives!!

      The theme I have for this study is: “Be a World-Changing Woman/Wife”!

      So glad to have you change the world with us!

  3. Last Christmas I bought this book for myself and two others. I’m now hoping we can all do the study with you. I’m so glad you’ve decided to do a study on it, as I’m sure it will be encouraging to many marriages. Thank you!

    P.S. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but have been reading your inspired words for over two years now. You’re such a blessing to us wifes. As an aside, I’ve been a patient of Dr. Yeh, my oldest younger brother is an old friend of Eric’s, and Eric once wallpapered our home right after my husband and I married (Dec 1995)…. Small world.

  4. A few of my girlfriends and I will be doing the study together. I am so excited to be growing in The Lord. Thanks for all you do!!

  5. Can
    someone follow the study and not purchase the book? Just wondering. Would love to review the book for my blog, I promote christian writers via my blog no cost just honest reviews and promotion of your work. God bless

    1. Hi Pamela, yes, you’ll need the book to go through the study. To review it for your blog, you can contact me at respectyourhusband{at}joleneengle{dot}org

  6. I may need to join you. I’m currently working (and blogging) my way through the Love Dare book and this may be a nice addition to that time of study. I’m seeing a potential shift on my blog of talking more about loving our husbands well which led me back here today. Thanks so much. Blessings.

  7. My bible study group will be taking a break for the summer but I have decided to join your group for the summer and maybe my girlfriends will also since its on line.

    1. Anita, that’s awesome to hear! My Bible study group is taking a break for the summer as well. It’s always good to try and stay connected in the Word and with others!

  8. am sorry for late reply was very busy……….doing at work………i want to be the best woman God want me to be and how i can take care of my married in future….and how i can be married and still serve God better.i will love to be use totally by God.

  9. oh nice message will love to watch d women with their 10 questions so i can learn from them………stay bless

  10. Hey Jolene,

    I would absolutely LOVE to join this Bible Study. In fact, I already bought the PDF version of you book. But.. here the problem. I don’t have Facebook. Is there any other way I can follow along? And when does this Bible Study gonna start?

    1. Hi Alina,
      You are more than welcome to join us! You don’t need to be a part of Facebook to join the study- that’s just another way for women to connect. Follow this post and the links within it to get access to the study guide and the teaching videos. The study has already started but I designed it to be very flexible so it’ll work with your schedule. You’ll see a study schedule on the resource page (which is within this link) http://joleneengle.com/need-know-bible-study/
      This week I just covered wives #5 and #6. Come join me and you’ll definitely benefit by it!

  11. I am interested in leading this Bible study. Could you email me and tell me how to get started. I believe Christ is in the middle of my marriage, but I would like to even grow more and help other woman. Thank you, Sheryl

  12. Are you still doing the bible studies? I did purchase your book and am interested in receiving bible study questions fi they are available and would like to join a group that is studying the book. Thankyou for wncouraging strong marriages

  13. I enjoyed your article, an answered prayer as I’m struggling of how to handle all the stress the hardships were going through is putting on our marriage. Financial issues is the big thing,I can’t work until our five year old has surgery for constructive pediatric sleep apnea. He quits breathing in the middle of the night and I have to shake him so he’ll breath again, this is a serious operation for a five year old. I get very little sleep during the night and haven’t slept in my bed in weeks because I have to be by my sons side, the surgeon explained he knew I must be tired but they moved surgery from late July to the 30th of this month. I’d do anything for my husband and my kids. I’m exhausted and stressed because without me working were not making enough money to pay all the bills and his job has cut hours making it more difficult and he’s I’ll and seems to take it out on us, he’s said hurtful things as if I have a choice at this point to work or stay home, we have no family, no Christian friends nearby to offer to help out and nobody knows how to care for my son as the doctors have instructed me to, believe me I’d rather my son be healthy and me be working and contributing rather than sitting here watching my son gasp for a breath, this isn’t easy for me I’ve always worked and been very independent. We also have a eight year old daughter Abby. I couldn’t be happier with my children we all love the lord and were not ashamed, they’ll invite anybody to church, pass out brochures and sing and praise the lord wherever we are and I encourage it. It seems my husband has no compassion for me, I get very little sleep caring for our son he can’t be left alone at anytime, his airways are constricted therefore a cpap machine won’t work because no child likes a mask on there face…lol. I don’t get five mins of quiet time for myself and it seems my husband doesn’t care how I feel. I’m always submissive to my husband and thanks be to god I’ve humbled myself and rather than argue with him I bite my tongue and remain quite and try and walk away, for me to do that when I want to defend myself it’s hard, but I’ve tried to take the advice of older Christian women in the past. I got saved December. 5,2014 the devil tries so hard but the devil may shake me but I can’t let him break me down, I’ve prayed about these issues lately and I know god is working through you to give us ladies your wonderful words of wisdom, couldn’t have been better timing. I doubt I’ll be able to even afford a book but wanted to join the summer study, is there any free resources to getting the book or online reading? I’ll pray about it and sorry to vent my story but nice to know a lovely Christian woman with your wisdom understands and can give godly advice, thank you for your page and I look forward to reading more. Thank you and god bless you

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