1. Oh, so sorry to hear about your migraines and eye problems. I have struggled with lots of health issues also and it is no fun…in fact, it is very difficult but God is faithful. Have you tried ice packs on your head where it hurts? That is what helps the most with head pain for me. It helps with the inflammation. I will pray for you, Jolene. Your ministry is very important in today’s culture.

  2. I truly believe that your posts are preparing me for my king… marriage is a scary thing. The opportunity to learn about marriages (before you commit) to one is a beneficial blessing. I pray that I can make mine work…it also seems scary:(

  3. Bottom line, because He’s not Christ. Don’t expect your husband to be perfect, as you are not perfect.

  4. I will be praying for your health issues. It is hard when you are trying to serve the Lord and Satan keeps you on the couch. You are doing a wonderful job sitting at the Lord’s feet and ministering to these women. What a blessing you are! Thank you for your continued obedience to the Lord even in the times when it is so hard.

  5. You are a beautiful person. I come from a different faith. But grew up in Christian schools. This is one beautiful thing i love in Christian faith.
    For your good heart and your self less thought of helping others, i pray to god that
    he blesses you with good health, happiness and peace. I was one of those kids who grew up in conservative background. Never had anyone tell me how you need to be in marriage. Your articles are very informative.
    I really wish i had something like these to read when I got married. Gods grace i figured it , going through a lot. But just wanted to let you know how helpful it will be for others who are newly married.


  6. Hello,

    Sorry I could not see a way to send a private message. How do I download the book on
    N submission it is free also? I was able to down load the one on finances. If there is a fee for the one on submission I would be happy to pay it. Also, I paid for the romance kit and have not been able to download. Can you send to DianaSmith20@hotmail? Thanks

    1. Hi Diana, once you receive my next post via email (which is scheduled for this coming Monday morning) you’ll find the link to my guide at the bottom of my post in your email. The Romance Kit is through A Biblical Marriage. You’ll need to contact them at their site for more information. http://www.abiblicalmarriage.com

  7. What if your husband used to be a youth pastor, knows LOTS about the bible but doesn’t follow one thing? He’s broken most of the ten commandments and it’s like I’m living with an unbeliever. He’s also teaching our children to follow suit as well and that’s what really bothers me.

    1. Hi Maddie,
      Yes, you are most definitely in a tough spot. 1 Peter 3:1-4 talks about the man who does not obey the Word, which sounds like your situation, but how a wife may win him over with her conduct. Pursue the Lord regardless of what your guy does or does not do.

  8. Jolene, what does a wife do when the husband wants his wife and kids to go camping and to the mountains on Sundays and not go to church? Should the wife do what her husband says, or go to church and let him go to the mountains on Sundays?


  9. Wow, I can really relate to “he thinks he is loving you”. My man is always telling me I look hot naked… and he thinks that’s the same as You look beautiful tonight honey. I have had to learn his language to make things work.

    1. I can relate to “finding his language” I really don’t like when my husband says I look sexy leading up to the act or during it. Loving words of ANY kind would feel so much better with all of my clothes on and no make-up. Sounds like our husbands need to “find our language”. I came across this blog yesterday while trying to find the words to explain to my husband why he should not have dinner dates with female employees. This blog has helped me communicate my concerns. But now another concern is, why is it always ME searching for the words to speak to my husband so that he does not think I am being emotional, irrational or overbearing. I find his way of keeping the peace is being silent or defensive where mine is expressing my concerns and trying to solve problems. Our communication is way off….very frustrating.

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