1. Thank you Jolene! In my marriage, my husband is the one with chronic pain and it has been beyond tough. We’ve been married five years (have a 3 year old daughter) and have not had any good years. He is actually going to see a pain specialist today so hopefully we will get some answers and treatments. He suffers with a rare form of arthritis called AS, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc. His pain has made him a stranger to me and we basically live as roommates right now. He gives me no attention or affection at all, and we barely see him. Forget about date nights or trips together – if we even sit on the couch together and watch a TV show it’s a big deal. That’s only the beginning of how his pain has affected our lives. I want to give up pretty much every day and I have to repeatedly ask God to give me the strength to keep hanging on. It feels like God will never come through and I’ll have to be stuck in misery forever. When you pray for something for five years and it doesn’t happen, it’s hard to keep believing. I think I need your ebook. Anyway, this post encouraged me tremendously and gave me the strength to keep at it one more day. Thank you!

  2. Hollywood really only portrays the start of a marriage – all hearts and roses. I am afraid little girls are fed this confusing message too. God did design a wonderful union. And as you said earlier who would you want by your side but your husband for the heartaches in life. Thanks for the reminder that it is He who loved us first so we could love each other deeply.

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