1. Love this! These are all so true and so vital to having a happy marriage. I am getting married in August and Josh and I have had the “I’m not your savior” convo with other couples so many times. We realized early on that if I was relying on him for my ultimate happiness and if he was relying on me for that then we would both be sorely disappointed. Trusting in our Father before our man is SO important. These are great points!


  2. This is so encouraging! I’ve been married for just over a year and while it’s not always easy I am learning to trust God with our marriage more and more each day. I love that you have tied your advice to scripture. I love your first point-that happily ever after isn’t that hard to achieve! So encouraging.

  3. I give this very same advice alot, especially to those who want to tell their martial frustrations to family & once they make up with their spouse they are upset that the family isn’t all happy with them. Keep private matters private & pray.

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