1. A defunct Christian woman. That is exactly how I’ve felt as I’ve battled thyroid problems. Some days I feel fantastic. Other days, horrible. I feel like the moment I start to gain momentum again, i have a major hormone shift and crash. It has been so frustrating. But, I’m thankful for God’s grace and for grace from my family. Thanks for sharing your story, Jolene. I can completely relate.

    1. Oh yes, the land of ill-health is so challenging to live in! But God…He knows what we need to go through so we can be more like Him. Don’t lose heart, friend. He’s with you!

  2. I love this! I so need to learn to just let go of my perfect standard so to speak and enjoy my life as messy as it can be at times because my kids wont be little forever.

  3. How do you go about “letting go” when it has been sooo long? I know that what you say is truth but HOW? I fight this battle everyday and I’m exhausted. Along with PRAYER (which is never ending) are there any “take action” suggestions for getting out of the funk?

    1. Oh, what a great question, Lynn! Well, some quick to-do’s because I can probably write a book on this topic, would be to:
      Apologize to the one you’ve offended if/when you lash out or lose it.
      Read the Word on a regular basis because it is through this process that the Holy Spirit will convict and transform your heart.
      Have a biblical perspective of why you do what you do. Keeping the home a certain way can definitely turn into an idol so be mindful of your motives.
      Hope some of these pointers help!

  4. I work and earn just as much as my husband, yet I am still expected to manage our home, whilst he relaxes.. Is this fair? Should I rather quit my job and stay home then?

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