1. Dear Jolene,
    Even though you posted “if you are in a difficult marriage…” 2 months ago – I received the email again today and read it this time. The timing was perfect and exactly the encouragement I needed to hear today! You are a blessing!
    I am starting to see how grace is slowly transforming me and a bitter 25 year marriage and an unrepentant husbands heart. There is still a long way to go but we are heading in the right direction. We may be heading also for our 2nd foreclosure and I am praying for a miracle and that my husband will take some initiative and care or at least talk with me and decide a plan of action instead of burying his head and act like it’s my problem due to my health issues causing my inability to continue to work. I have been praying to no longer have blame or anger or bitterness but to be loving kind and forgiving. I am at peace but I want so much for The Lord to work mightily and prove to my husband His loving care for us. We have had our house for sale for 7 months praying for a buyer. But none have come. We cannot pay our house payment this month so a decision must be made. Praying earnestly for direction for my husbands heart is still hardened to The Lord and I don’t believe he is seeking him. 10 years ago I had a severe health issue – we lost our house- just was able to buy again 3 yrs ago and now I’ve had a stroke and unable to work and on threshold of losing this one. If we could just sell– it all would fall into place – the stress and struggle on our marriage the years of not having our own home was almost too much to bear that is why I am praying so earnestly that it sells. It’s not pride – it’s loving care for my marriage and family. I don’t understand why my husband won’t try for a better job or take a 2nd part time job – he almost thinks why should he work if I don’t -even though I am now disabled –
    When I was working I would take extra work on when we needed extra money – but he isn’t like that. He thinks his 40 hrs should be enough. So he can watch tv and relax. I know there are strongholds in his life but only the Holy Spirit can transform him. He is a believer. But I have had to walk on eggshells with him our entire marriage. I didn’t mean to pour out my heart it just started to flow.
    Thank you for your ministry. It gives me hope along with my Savior.

    1. Donna,
      I loved hearing how grace is starting to transform your bitter heart! Keep leaning on the Lord in the midst of your storms. He’s with you!

      1. I pray that the Lord heals you from the poor state of health and that the Word of God will renew your mind so that you are able to declare that by the stripes of Jesus you were healed. May our Lord Jehovah Jireh, provide for all your needs. May your husband be healed from the pain of all the losses that he has suffered and be made whole so that he can arise again to be the pastor, priest and provider for the family. May the Peace of God that surpasses all understanding be with you now and forever. You write well and long and this could be the beginning of a new career for you to open a new income stream for the family. Be blessed. Adopt a theme song that declares the Word of God and play it until you see victory !!!!in Jesus Name AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Barbara and Jolene thank you for your kind words.Theyy have surely blessed me. The Lord is faithful and a rewarderof them who diligently seek Him.

  2. Grace. Such glorious grace. It should change how we love our spouse. My husband has returned home and love how God is using this time to help us to love one another better. Things are oh so good, but that should not stop me from being a part of your grace challenge. So I am all in, friend!

  3. Hi Jolene,
    First I’d like to say thank you so incredibly much for all the hard work you have put into helping so many others. I, for one, am gathering so much knowledge and strength to aid me in being the Christian wife that my husband needs.
    I do, however, have a small difficulty. I am trying to follow the Grace Challenge but I’m unable to find week 3. Perhaps is right in front and I’m missing it! 😉 If you could maybe direct me? When I’m clicking “next” it is bringing me to your dating and engaged story.
    Thank you so kindly and God bless

  4. Thanks so much for your website and ministry. I have been a bit bed-bound (nothing serious) and have been so enriched by your grace series. I want to say that I have been dealing with guilt over a former non Christian’s friendship’s ending because of some truthful, yet not graceful words I spoke. Although, I’ve attempted to apologize for my ungraciousness she hasn’t given me the chance. I am learning that I can’t be responsible for her reaction, but I do keep going back to how my words angered her. It was a revelation to read about Jesus’ response to the Pharisesses.
    I know that I bear a large part of the separation, but I have to accept God’s grace for my part, just as she has to accept my apology (and God’s saving grace) for herself.
    Thanks, again and God bless you.

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