1. Wow! Got this problem going on in my Marriage now. I think it is the need to grow up and lack of a that godly example growing up (alcoholic father). I am just giving it to the sweet Lord above and being still. Stinks, we are all suffering but I am so tored of fighting and the frustration. I know God is at work through small glimpses of positive behavior.
    Being still and knowing HE is God 😉

    1. Hi M,
      Glad to hear that you can see God working in your marriage. He is faithful! Every marriage needs a healthy dose of grace and truth. Give your guy grace when he needs grace, and confront him with truth when his actions are offensive to you.

  2. I just have to say this blessed me immensely. I have made almost all of these points to my husband & fought the shame he tries to put on me for these same points (telling me I’m wrong).

    Thank you for this godly point of view.

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