1. Thank you so dearly Jolene!!! I never looked at this area from the view of the Biblical Truth that you gave me. I knew that my husband was not causing me to sin, but I just wanted to know how to address this topic because my heart and spirit were so unsettled and gripped by the fear. I don’t want to parent my husband, I want to love, honor, and joyfully submit to my husband in every way as he follows Christ. Thank you for helping me to understand how to steward my husband’s responsibility to protect us. I am so relived and with utter joy at how you deconstructed my post. I will definitely come at this issue with the advice that you gave me with sincerity and respect and honor for my husband to protect our family in this way. Thank you so much Jolene for letting our Lord use you to speak His truth to help so many women like myself who desire a Christ-centered life after Him. I am richly blessed by your website DAILY. I love you for taking the time to show me how to support my husband in this area.-Grace and Peace from A Un-Terrified Wife

  2. I love your response Jolene! Juzanne, I am guessing you are the one who emailed Jolene, if his motive is to protect you & your family then he will make sure to protect you with the guns in the home as well. That is why he wants to take you to the glasses as well, to teach you what it is like to use the gun and how to protect yourself if need be. Now, before this issue even comes up in your home be talking about it and be praying about it, your kids will need to learn to respect the gun and to use it too. You need to discuss how you both plan to do this and at what age(s). Continue to pray and to talk to your husband about all concerns you may have. I commend you for being so “held together” in the first place with him and for seeking guidance from an older woman!

  3. Hi, I’m just curious and looking for clarification. I just recently realized my own area of not submitting to my husband. Its amazing how easy it was to spot my husbands sin though. We have different views on parenting and though we only have one young child, many disagreements have risen. How do I show respect and submission to him when I disagree and truly feel that the way I parent is a better approach? I am afraid he is too harsh and is expecting way too much from our daughter. I want to respect him and ultimately submit.
    Thank you.

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