1. Wonderful article! Forgiveness is a choice. Period. Emotions can follow a heart that has chosen forgiveness, and chosen to let go of bitterness.

  2. How do you address this regarding a wife who has no pull in her marriage? A husband is supposed to not just be the boss but work towards love and a mutual respect, not a one way marriage. Enabling a husband in his hurtful self-centered ways is not good for a wife nor a good example to children as to how a wife should be treated. What does this wife do?

  3. My husband recently had an emotional affair and I am working through it. I love him unconditionally and I look to God to help me sort out my feelings. I read this and it has helped me forgive him.

  4. Well, I do agree that we have to forgive. And I also agree that it is NOT easy to do. But how do you forgive someone who is so verbally and emotionally abusive and then wants to know why you don’t want to be intimate with him? How are you supposed to be intimate with someone after they have just told you that you are not a good Christion, and he doesn’t even go to church anymore, or a good mother, or a good wife and tells me I’m worthless? I teach Sunday School, I am the choir leader, and I also work outside of the home and have two children in school, a 20 year old son, and a daughter who is married and 3 grandkids. He gets mad when I go to church functions, he gets mad if there is a birthday party for my grandbabies, he doesn’t want me to do anything with anyone else other tan him and I do then I don’t care about my marriage and I’m putting everyone else before him. If I go to the grocery or to a doctors apt with the kids or whatever else has to be done, then I’m just “running the roads” I do not like the fact that he wants to keep me under his thumb all of the time and I am literally at my breaking point.

  5. I’m not sure how old this post is. I came across it on Pinterest. My husband and I have been going through a difficult time in our marriage. Recently, some very hurtful things were said by him. Although, I said I forgave him in my heart I have been plagued by bitterness which shows on the outside (I don’t hind my emotions very well). Thank you for your post. I needed this reminder, to keep my eyes on the cross not on my husband or me. And to forgive because He has forgiven me my many many many trespasses.

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