1. Could you address “Boundaries” in female friendships ? How do I extend grace to a woman that knows better and thinks that my HUSBAND can be there to meet a lot of HER emotional needs, and has behaved very unbecoming towards a very married man, right in front of me, his WIFE. How do I extend grace in this situation ? I would like to tell her to get lost and find her own man.

        1. Hi Jasper, yes, grace is much different than boundaries! We can still establish boundaries (and we should, especially in marriage) but we can still be gracious in how we communicate those boundaries. I would talk with your husband about this woman and your concerns about him not meeting her emotional needs. If this isn’t dealt with, it can possibly turn into an emotional affair on her part. Perhaps graciously confronting her needs to take place. Of course you don’t want to lose a friendship, but I’d choose to lose a friendship any day of the week if that means I’m protecting my marriage. I hope this helps!

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